stempelfarbe stempelkissen bunt
stempelfarbe stempelkissen bunt

Stamping ink - for stationery, textiles & other materials

Highly pigmented and colorful ink pads, textile stamping ink and refill ink: Use them to stamp cards, unique gifts and high-quality fabrics.


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Ink pad | Lemon miniInk pad | Lemon mini
Ink pad | Lemon mini
Sale price€6,50
Pigment Ink Refill | LemonPigment Ink Refill | Lemon
Pigment Ink Refill | Lemon
Sale price€12,95
Ink pad | Banana largeInk pad | Banana large
Ink pad | Banana large
Sale price€9,50
Ink pad | Banana miniInk pad | Banana mini
Ink pad | Banana mini
Sale price€6,50
Pigment Ink Refill | BananaPigment Ink Refill | Banana
Pigment Ink Refill | Banana
Sale price€12,95
Ink pad | Curry largeInk pad | Curry large
Ink pad | Curry large
Sale price€9,50
Ink pad | Curry miniInk pad | Curry mini
Ink pad | Curry mini
Sale price€6,50
Pigment Ink Refill | CurryPigment Ink Refill | Curry
Pigment Ink Refill | Curry
Sale price€12,95
Ink pad | Gold largeInk pad | Gold large
Ink pad | Gold large
Sale price€10,50
Ink pad | Gold miniInk pad | Gold mini
Ink pad | Gold mini
Sale price€7,50
Sold out
Pigment Ink Refill | GoldPigment Ink Refill | Gold
Pigment Ink Refill | Gold
Sale price€13,95
Ink pad | Brown largeInk pad | Brown large
Ink pad | Brown large
Sale price€9,50
Ink pad | Brown miniInk pad | Brown mini
Ink pad | Brown mini
Sale price€6,50
Pigment Ink Refill | BrownPigment Ink Refill | Brown
Pigment Ink Refill | Brown
Sale price€12,95
Ink pad | Fir largeInk pad | Fir large
Ink pad | Fir large
Sale price€9,50
Pigment Ink Refill | FirPigment Ink Refill | Fir
Pigment Ink Refill | Fir
Sale price€12,95
Ink pad | Moss largeInk pad | Moss large
Ink pad | Moss large
Sale price€9,50
Ink pad | Moss miniInk pad | Moss mini
Ink pad | Moss mini
Sale price€6,50
Pigment Ink Refill | MossPigment Ink Refill | Moss
Pigment Ink Refill | Moss
Sale price€12,95
Ink pad | Cactus largeInk pad | Cactus large
Ink pad | Cactus large
Sale price€9,50
Ink pad | Cactus miniInk pad | Cactus mini
Ink pad | Cactus mini
Sale price€6,50
Pigment Ink Refill | CactusPigment Ink Refill | Cactus
Pigment Ink Refill | Cactus
Sale price€12,95
Ink pad | Sage largeInk pad | Sage large
Ink pad | Sage large
Sale price€9,50
Ink pad | Sage miniInk pad | Sage mini
Ink pad | Sage mini
Sale price€6,50
Sold out
Pigment Ink Refill | SagePigment Ink Refill | Sage
Pigment Ink Refill | Sage
Sale price€12,95
Ink pad | South sea blue largeInk pad | South sea blue large

Colorful ink pads

Perlenfischer ink colors

The colors of our ink pads are known for their variety and high opacity which guarantees you a beautiful stamp impression.

Our 27 different shades can be uniquely combined with each other and are available in two different pad sizes. In the following category you will find many more tips & tricks about stamping with these great pigment stamping inks.

How to collect stamping ink from the ink pad?

Use stamping ink correctly

Step 1: Remove the cover of the ink pad and lay it flat on the table so that it cannot slip.

Step 2: Carefully dab the bottom of the stamp into the foam layer of the pad until the stamp rubber is completely covered with ink.
Tip: Make sure that there is not too much ink on it so that the imprint does not smear.

Step 3: Now press the stamp evenly onto the stationery so that every part of the stamp rubber is visible on the paper.

stempelfarbe bunt stempelkissen blau stempelkissen pink stempelfarbe geburtstag

Ink colors for birthdays

colorful Birthdayparty

Stamp uniquely colored birthday cards, invitations for your own birthday party or create great gift packaging. Feel free to check out our category Stamps Birthday, there you will find many DIY's and beautiful other stamp inspirations for this special day.

Stempelfarbe Stoffstempelfarbe Textilstempelfarbe stempelfarbe weihnachten

Textile Ink

stamping on fabric

Decorate not only stationery with beautiful stamp motifs. Fabrics, such as linen and cotton, can also be wonderfully stamped. In order to make creative DIY's, you can use these great colorful textile inks. From homemade napkins for Christmas Eve to unique tablecloths for Easter brunch to individually decorated clothes as a gift for a birthday.

stempelfarbe stempelfarben im set

ink colors in a set of 3

ink pad sets

We have compiled sets with three different ink colors each. These shades can be wonderfully combined with each other, so you can easily create perfectly harmonized stamp works.

Refill your ink pad with our refill bottles

How do I refill ink pads?

Step 1: Shake the refill bottle well before use to distribute the color pigments ideally.

Step 2: Apply a few blobs of color from the refill bottle to the foam layer of the cushion.

Step 3: Then blend the color with a large-area stamp and work it in.

Tip: Even if a different color accidentally gets into your pad, you can easily refresh it again with the help of the refill ink! Click here for the ink pad refill bottles.

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How do I find beautiful color combinations?

Create unique color worlds with stamp inks

1. take a look at our category ink pads. There you will see our entire selection of colors.
2. take a large-area stamp and stamp the motif in two or three different colors close together.
3. repeat this several times with different color combinations, in which you always change one color.

Watch the video tutorial "Combining colors" on our ink pad page. There you can see exactly how easy it is to combine the colors and find your own favorite variations.

Stamp cleaning and ink removal

Cleaning the stamp & changing the ink

You want to stamp the same motif in two different colors? Before you press the stamp rubber into the new stamp ink, it should be cleaned so that no ink residues end up in the new pad. To do this, press the stamp out on the damp sponge, also check the rubber edges and wipe again if necessary. Then stamp several times on a piece of scratch paper to remove any ink residue. Now you can use the new stamping ink without dirtying the pad. Tip: It is best to stamp from light to dark - this avoids dark ink in the lighter ink pad.

stempelfarbe kinder neon stempelfarbe orange

Ink colors for kids

Dye Ink colors in neon

Stamp brightly colored cards with these great refillable neon colors! They are perfect for stamping afternoons with your kids, because they are water-based and CE certified as a children's toy.

Stamping ink white & metallic stamping inks

Inks on dark paper

Which ink is suitable for dark stationery?
We love to stamp black, brown and other dark paper with our metallic ink pads, because they have a beautiful shimmer and create a great contrast. In addition, our white Ink pad | snow is wonderfully suitable on dark cards and can be used in many ways.

glitzer stempelfarbe silber metallic stempelkissen

Ink color silver

glitzer stempelfarbe gold metallic stempelfarbe

Ink color Gold

glitzer stempelfarbe rose gold metallic farbtöne zum stempeln

Ink color Rosé Gold

stempelfarbe weiß stempelfarbe schnee stempelfarbe für dunkles papier

Ink color White

Temporary Tattoos

Stamp motifs for your skin

Apply stamp motifs entirely without an ink pad? This is possible with our tattoos. You can easily apply stamp motifs to your skin for various occasions, such as birthdays or weddings. At Easter, you can also stick the motifs wonderfully on Easter eggs to decorate your Easter bush or decorate candles for the Advent wreath at Christmas. Take a look at our category Temporary Tattoos.

Products Used

eierstempelfarbe stempelfarbe eier ostereier bestempeln ostereier färben

Egg stamping ink

stamping on easter eggs

We like to stamp self-colored eggs for Easter. But you can decorate them not only with stamping ink, you can just as well decorate them with our Temporary Tattoos!

Ink colors Christmas

Christmas themed colors

Here you will find festive, classic or even shiny ink colors that can be wonderfully stamped for Christmas and Advent. In our category Stamps Christmas you will find beautifully creative DIY's such as self-designed Advent calendars, unique gift tags and unique Christmas cards.

stempelfarbe weihnachten stempelfarbe rot
stempelfarbe weihnachten stempelfarbe weihnachtskarten stempelfarbe grün
stempelfarbe weihnachten karten zur weihnachten stempeln glitzer stempelfarbe silber
stempelfarbe weihnachten weihnachtskarten stempeln weihnachtsfarben
dunkle stempelfarbe schwarz stempelfarbe für schriftzüge stempelfarbe textstempel

Ink color black

Ink color for textstamps

We prefer to use dark stamp inks to stamp texts and sayings. This brings out the lines of the font particularly well and is much easier to read.

stempelfarbe holzanhänger bestempeln geschenkanhänger bestempeln

wooden pendants with ink

gift tags made of wood

Besides stationery, wooden tags can also be perfectly stamped on. They are a high-quality and noble way to decorate and brighten up cards and gifts.

Ink colors Kids

Colorful stamping inks - beautiful colors for children

Stamps cute and fun cards for or with your children. All around the topics of children's birthdays, school enrollment and birth. Have a look at our category Stamps Kids, for a unique stamping afternoon with your little ones!

stempelfarben kinder bunte stempelfarben stempel kindergeburtstag

For a kids birthday

farbige stempelfarben bunt kinder stempel geburt

for birth

stempelfarbe kinder stempel einschulung

for the first day of school

bunte stempelfarbe kinder stempel kinder stempel geburt

for birth

What is the best way to store stamping ink?

The best way to keep your ink fresh is to always store your ink pad with the lid closed on the side of the transparent lid. This allows the ink to move up into the pad and not accumulate on the bottom over time. If the opacity of your stamp pad wears off, you can refresh it again thanks to our refill bottles and easily refill it with new ink.

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