Stempel Geburtstag Geburtstagskarten stempeln Stempel Herzlichen Glückwunsch Stempel Happy Birthday Stempel Herzen Stempel Geschenke
Stempel Geburtstag Geburtstagskarten stempeln Stempel Herzlichen Glückwunsch Stempel Happy Birthday Stempel Herzen Stempel Geschenke

Birthday stamps for invitations and birthday cards

Beautiful motif stamps for creating birthday cards, creative DIY gifts and unique invitation cards.


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Stamp | Alles Liebe 2Stamp | Alles Liebe 2
Stamp | Alles Liebe 2
Sale price€8,50
Stamp | Present XLStamp | Present XL
Stamp | Present XL
Sale price€9,50
Stamp | SmileyStamp | Smiley
Stamp | Smiley
Sale price€2,50
Stamp | Muffin MiniStamp | Muffin Mini
Stamp | Muffin Mini
Sale price€2,50
Stamp | Viel Glück 2Stamp | Viel Glück 2
Stamp | Viel Glück 2
Sale price€9,50
Stamp | ConfettiStamp | Confetti
Stamp | Confetti
Sale price€4,20
Stamp | Heart ballonStamp | Heart ballon
Stamp | Heart ballon
Sale price€4,20
Stamp | HorseshoeStamp | Horseshoe
Stamp | Horseshoe
Sale price€4,20
Stamp | Dot 15 mmStamp | Dot 15 mm
Stamp | Dot 15 mm
Sale price€4,20
Stamp | Post für dichStamp | Post für dich
Stamp | Post für dich
Sale price€4,90
Stamp | BalloonStamp | Balloon
Stamp | Balloon
Sale price€9,50
Stamp | Muffin
Stamp | Muffin
Sale price€6,50
Stamp | Herzlichen GlückwunschStamp | Herzlichen Glückwunsch
Stamp | Small present with bowStamp | Small present with bow
Stamp | Let's CelebrateStamp | Let's Celebrate
Stamp | Let's Celebrate
Sale price€8,50
Stamp | PartyhatStamp | Partyhat
Stamp | Partyhat
Sale price€2,50
Stamp | Happy Birthday 6Stamp | Happy Birthday 6
Stamp | Happy Birthday 6
Sale price€12,50
Stamp | Present miniStamp | Present mini
Stamp | Present mini
Sale price€2,50
Stamp | Package smallStamp | Package small
Stamp | Package small
Sale price€4,20
Stamp | Bouquet of meadow flowersStamp | Bouquet of meadow flowers
Stamp | Eine Kleinigkeit für dichStamp | Eine Kleinigkeit für dich
Stamp | StreamerStamp | Streamer
Stamp | Streamer
Sale price€4,20
Stamp | Balloon smallStamp | Balloon small
Stamp | Balloon small
Sale price€4,20
Stamp | Happy Birthday classic
Stamp | Bow miniStamp | Bow mini
Stamp | Bow mini
Sale price€2,50
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Stamp | Dot 7 mmStamp | Dot 7 mm
Stamp | Dot 7 mm
Sale price€1,75 Regular price€2,50
Stempel Geburtstag Stempel Geschenk Stempel Luftballon Geburtstagskarte stempeln
Stempel Geburtstag Stempel Geschenk Stempel Geburtstagsgeschenke verpackenStempel Geburtstag Stempel Geschenk Stempel Geburtstagsgeschenke verpacken
Stamp | T-Rex
Sale price€12,50

creative birthday cards

Birthday cards for great parties

Create beautiful birthday cards with our blanco cards. Your creativity will make every birthday card unique. Take a look at some of our inspirations. We're sure you have many more ideas!

Stempel Geburtstag Herzlichen Glückwunsch Stempel Luftballon

Adhere small candles onto your cards with masking tape.

Stempel Geburtstag Lets celebrate Girlande

Simply draw a birthday garland with pens.

Stempel Geburtstag Sektglas Konfetti Stempel Luftballon

Or stick colorful balloons onto the cards as eye-catchers.

Make your own gift box or make a cute bow out of yarn.

Stempel Geburtstag Stempel Happy Birthday

Give birds of all kinds a great plumage.

Stempel Geburtstag Happy Birthday Sektflasche

Decorate your birthday cards with glitter glue.

Stempel Geburtstag Stempel Herzlichen Glückwunsch

Sometimes lettering with a bright circle of colors is enough.

Stempel Geburtstag Stempel Happy Birthday Konfetti

How do I design a beautiful birthday card with Happy Birthday myself?

A motif and the right slogan

1. Choose a motif stamp and a birthday motto.
2. Think of a nice color combination.
3. Now stamp the motif of your choice as a pattern over the entire card and the textstamp in the middle.

Your individual birthday card is ready.

Voucher Stamp

Birthday coupons

Design individual voucher cards with our text stamps and give them to your favorite birthday people.

Stempel Geburtstag Stempel Dot Konfetti Stempel Gutschein

Are there gift vouchers from Perlenfischer?

Perlenfischer Voucher

Simply give away a Perlenfischer voucher, so the person having the birthday can choose something pretty for themselves. So you are always guaranteed to be on the safe side!

Floral birthday greetings

Bouquet of flowers on paper

Every birthday person is happy about flowers. You can easily conjure up a bouquet of flowers onto a card. Find more motifs under Flowers & Leaves Stamps .

Stempel Geburtstag Stempel Alles Liebe Blumenstrauß

Tied up beautifully

Stempel Geburtstag Stempel Alles Liebe Vase

Draped in the vase

Stempel Geburtstag Stempel Sektflasche

In our champagne bottle

Stempel Geburtstag Stempel Alles Liebe Blumentopf

From the flower pot

Stempel Geburtstag Pigment Stempelkissen

How do I find beautiful color combinations?

ink pad

1. Check out the ink category. There you can see our full range of colors. Just choose several colors that you like.
2. Take a large stamp (in the picture: Stamp | Dot 19mm) and always stamp the motif in two or three different colors as close together as possible.
3. Repeat this a few times with different color combinations.
So you will surely find your favourite!

Funny birthday cards with animals

Birthday greetings with an animal party theme

You can use animal stamps in an incredible variety of ways. Let them hold something in their mouths or pull little things, put presents on their backs or sit them on different objects. See for yourself...

How do I design beautiful invitation cards?

birthday invitations

When it comes to invitations to your own birthday, it always depends on when, how and where you want to spend it. So get inspired...

Creative Afternoon

Stempel Geburtstag Einladung Esspressokanne Tasse Kaffee Stempel Date

In the cafe

Stempel Geburtstag Stempel Einladung Gutschein

Birthday cards and invitations

Birthday textstamps

We love our large selection of birthday text stamps. From "Just for you" to "Happy Birthday" to "Surprise".

Special birthday cards for children and children's birthdays

Birthday party for the little ones

Have a look at our category stamps kids, there you can simply filter by children's birthday and you are guaranteed to find cute and funny motifs for your little ones.

Stempel Geburtstag Stempel Happy Birthday Geschenke Stempel Luftballon

Stempel Geburtstag Stempel Alles Liebe Stempel Herz Meerjungfrau

Stempel Geburtstag Stempel Herzlichen Glückwunsch Happy Birthday Partyhut Pudel Herz

Stempel Geburtstag Stempel Herzlichen Glückwunsch Happy Birthday Geschenke Partyhut Konfetti

Stempel Geburtstagsbär Stempel Luftballon Stempel Happy Birthday

Stempel Geburtstag Stempel Happy Birthday Stempel Zahlenset

Stempel Geburtstag Happy Birthday Herz Einhorn Stempel Girlande

Stempel Geburtstag Stempel Happy Birthday Geschenke Konfetti

Stempel Geburtstag Stempel Surprise Geschenk Partyhut

Stempel Geburtstag Stempel Happy Birthday Luftballon und Stempel Zahlenset

Temporäre Tattoos zum Geburtstag Zahlen Kerze Meerjungfrau

Birthday tattoos for kids

Tattoos for children's birthday parties

You can apply our beautiful tattoos to your skin without hesitation. With the numbers tattoo, every age and year of birth can be pictured! For more inspiration and various DIYs, discover the category:

Loving and creative congratulations

Stamp from the heart All the best

You can find more heartfelt stamp motifs in our wedding stamps or mother´s day stamps section.

Stempel Geburtstag Stempel von Herzen Alles Liebe und Stempel Herz
Stempel Geburtstag Stempel Alles Liebe und Herzgirlande

Geburtstagsanhänger stempeln

Individual DIY gift wrapping and birthday tags

Design and stamp your own birthday gifts with paper tags, wooden tags and all kinds of bags and boxes and make your loved ones happy!

Stempel Geburtstag Geschenke und Papieranhänger

Stamp the wrapping paper individually

Stempel Geburtstag Lets celebrate Stempel Luftballon Zahlen Süßigkeiten Tüte

Add the appropriate year to your candy bags yourself

Stempel Geburtstag Stempel Eine Kleinigkeit für dich Stempel Happy Birthday Sektflasche Geschenke

Stamp birthday bags and close them with clips in a very stylish way

Stempel Geburtstag Stempel eine Kleinigkeit für dich Stempel Geschenke

Set small highlights with glitter glue

Stempel Geburtstag Stempel Alles Liebe Geschenkanhänger Stempel Herz

Wrap the gift with old newspaper

Stempel Geburtstag Stempel lets celebrate Sektglas Stempel Hoorey Geschenkverpackung

Design your own bottle bag and give away

Stempel Geburtstag Holzperle Geschenkanhänger

Upgrade tags with masking tape and wooden beads

Stempel Geburtstag Stempelkissen Geschenkanhänger Geschenkverpackung

Tie small cone-shaped stamps with yarn.

Stempel zum Geburtstag aus Holz nachhaltig und fair produziert in Deutschland

Our stamps are produced sustainably & fairly

Perlenfischer Stamp

All our stamps are made under fair conditions in German manufactories. We obtain our stamp woods exclusively from domestic forests. Perlenfischer stamps are characterized above all by their durability.

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