masking tapes washi tape klebebänder washi papier für geschenke und karten
masking tapes washi tape klebebänder washi papier für geschenke und karten

Masking Tapes - Colorful Washi Tape and Adhesive Tapes

These special and colorful thin paper tapes are the perfect little helpers and can be used in a variety of ways on cards and gifts.


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Masking Tape | Watercolor FlowerMasking Tape | Watercolor Flower
Masking Tape | Pastel leaf 7mMasking Tape | Pastel leaf 7m
Masking Tape | Shocking pinkMasking Tape | Shocking pink
Masking Tape | Shocking pink
Sale price€3,50
Masking Tape | Shocking redMasking Tape | Shocking red
Masking Tape | Shocking red
Sale price€3,50
Masking Tape | Shocking yellowMasking Tape | Shocking yellow
Masking Tape | Pastel purpleMasking Tape | Pastel purple
Masking Tape | Pastel purple
Sale price€3,50
Masking Tape | Fox and SquirrelMasking Tape | Fox and Squirrel
Masking Tape | Cup of TherapyMasking Tape | Cup of Therapy
Masking Tape | Bluebellgray ZinniaMasking Tape | Bluebellgray Zinnia
Masking Tape | Kid Ten TenMasking Tape | Kid Ten Ten
Masking Tape | Kid Ten Ten
Sale price€3,50
Masking Tape | Dot Gold 2Masking Tape | Dot Gold 2
Masking Tape | Dot Gold 2
Sale price€3,50
Masking Tape | Dot Silver 2Masking Tape | Dot Silver 2
Masking Tape | Dot Silver 2
Sale price€3,50
Masking Tape | Dot Shocking RedMasking Tape | Dot Shocking Red
masking tapes washi tape klebebänder washi papier karten masking tape ideen

Masking tape

DIY birthday card

You can create a variety of DIY cards with masking tapes. We like to stamp cute animal motifs on cards and combine them for different occasions. For example, you can easily attach birthday candles to the greeting card with masking tape, so you are guaranteed a great individual birthday card for your friends!

masking tape weihnachten washi tape klebebänder washi papier für weihnachtskarten

Masking Tapes for Christmas

Stacking gifts on Christmas cards

With the adhesive strips you can create great images on cards. As you can see here we have cut the tapes and simply glued them on as gifts. Get inspired and let your creativity run wild!

mit masking tapes bilder kleben bastel tape washi tape klebebänder washi papier zum karten basteln

Sticking pictures with craft tape

Textstamps and Tapes

Sometimes all it takes is a simple lettering and a creative use of masking tape, and you have a personal and playful greeting card for a variety of occasions! As you can see, you can stick unique colorful images with these tapes, like here the birthday candles. There are no limits to your creativity.

masking tapes washi tape klebebänder washi papier für geschenke und geschenkanhänger

How do I attach my gift tags with masking tape?

Wrapping your gifts

Masking Tapes offer a super easy way to attach your paper tags to gifts and add color to your presents! Either you stick the tag directly on the paper or as shown in the picture, you attach the yarn to the paper tag and then tape it. Feel free to check out our category wood tags, these can also be stamped and combined with the adhesive strips wonderfully.

masking tapes bunte washi tapes klebebänder washi papier für grusskarten

Colorful Washi Tapes

Matching ink colors

Our colorful ink colors can be wonderfully set in scene with the colorful masking tapes. For example, here we have combined our lavender ink pad with the Pastel Lavender tape. Find your favorite color combination!

goldenes masking tapes washi tape klebebänder washi papier für geschenke

Washi Paper

Classy masking tape

Here you can see well how the golden tape can be a beautiful highlight on the gift. Enjoy browsing through our autumn & forest stamps if you like simple and subtle, but at the same time playful motifs.

masking tape ideas

Make a flower bouquet

You can easily cut washi tape to make a beautiful flower bouquet. Take a look at our Mother's Day category, where you'll find lots more lovely DIYs to make.

Washi Tape presents

Masking Tapes for Birhtdays

Here we have made a beautifully colorful birthday cake with the adhesive strips. You can design your greeting cards in so many different ways. As a highlight, we have also decorated the middle cake level with glitter glue.

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schwarzes masking tapes washi tape klebebänder washi papier für geschenke

Shop Masking Tape

Attach gift tags

Here you can see a beautiful example of how simple and practical the tapes can be used. Stamp a motif on a gift tag, tie a yarn to it and stick it to the gift with a tape of your choice. You have an absolutely aesthetic present without much effort!

rosa masking tapes für Kinder washi tape klebebänder washi papier für karten

Colorful Washi Tapes for Kids

Creative adhesive tapes for children

You can use the adhesive strips to make great cards and pictures with your children and then simply hang them up in the children's room, as they can be removed from the wall quickly and without leaving any residue thanks to their material. You can also create a beautiful cake for the ocassion of birth. For many other events related to kids, such as school enrolment, children's birthdays etc., take a look at our category:

hochwertige und edle masking tapes für einladungskarten washi tape washi papier klebeband

Festive tapes

Adhesive Tapes for your New Year's Eve party

With these adhesive tapes you can attach many different cute and small objects, like here the balloons, on a card. So your invitation card for New Year's Eve, your birthday or other celebrations is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher!

Crafting tricks with washi tape

Masking Tape as a crafting tool

This is an example where masking tapes are not used as a decorative element, but rather as a tool. Cut a strip of tape and paint the lines of the balloon over the tape. Then you can peel it off and stamp the text stamp on the free space, creating this beautiful look. Of course, you can also do this with stamps instead of lines by stamping motifs as a pattern completely over the whole card and then write in the free area.

Masking tape for Halloween

Trick or treat

With masking tapes you can design incredibly creative DIY's. We used white masking tape as spider webs all over the card.

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