Stempelsets stempelset zahlen zahlenset stempel zahlen stempel
Stempelsets stempelset zahlen zahlenset stempel zahlen stempel

stamp sets - for creative cards and DIY's

Our stamp sets contain everything you need to stamp. They were compiled with great attention to detail and the included products can be combined wonderfully.


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Stamp set | NumbersStamp set | Numbers
Stamp set | Numbers
Sale price€43,90
Save €1,97
Stempelset | Dino FamilieStempelset | Dino Familie
Stempelset | Dino Familie
Sale price€37,53 Regular price€39,50
Save €0,50
Stamp set | Flower dream
Stamp set | Flower dream
Sale price€9,50 Regular price€10,00
Save €1,15
Stamp set | Bird house
Stamp set | Bird house
Sale price€21,85 Regular price€23,00
Save €6,75
Stamp set | Witching hourStamp set | Witching hour
Stamp set | Witching hour
Sale price€38,25 Regular price€45,00
Save €0,46
Stamp set | Dove of peace
Stamp set | Dove of peace
Sale price€8,69 Regular price€9,15
Save €1,15
Stampset | Christmas TwitteringStampset | Christmas Twittering
Stampset | Christmas Twittering
Sale price€21,85 Regular price€23,00
Stamp set | Nativity sceneStamp set | Nativity scene
Stamp set | Nativity scene
Sale price€49,90
Stamp set | EpiphanyStamp set | Epiphany
Stamp set | Epiphany
Sale price€26,90
Save €0,54
Stampset | Leaf swirlStampset | Leaf swirl
Stampset | Leaf swirl
Sale price€10,36 Regular price€10,90
Save €0,84
Stamp set | Pennant chain
Stamp set | Pennant chain
Sale price€15,96 Regular price€16,80
LieblingsstempelSave €0,62
Stampset | Wildflowers
Stampset | Wildflowers
Sale price€11,88 Regular price€12,50
Save €0,49
Stamp set | Jungle leaves
Stamp set | Jungle leaves
Sale price€9,31 Regular price€9,80
Save €0,87
Stamp set | School kid
Stamp set | School kid
Sale price€16,53 Regular price€17,40
Save €0,37
Stamp set | Breakfast eggsStamp set | Breakfast eggs
Stamp set | Breakfast eggs
Sale price€7,03 Regular price€7,40
Save €0,54
Stamp set | Soap bubbles
Stamp set | Soap bubbles
Sale price€10,36 Regular price€10,90
Save €0,54
Stamp set | Heart Palpitation
Stamp set | Heart Palpitation
Sale price€10,36 Regular price€10,90
Save €0,33
Stamp set | Hearts
Stamp set | Hearts
Sale price€6,37 Regular price€6,70
Save €0,77
Stamp set | Lucky pig
Stamp set | Lucky pig
Sale price€14,73 Regular price€15,50
Save €0,79
Stamp set | Butterfly meadow
Stamp set | Butterfly meadow
Sale price€15,01 Regular price€15,80
Save €0,91
Stamp set | Fruits
Stamp set | Fruits
Sale price€17,29 Regular price€18,20
Save €0,70
Stamp set | Scuttling Garden
Stamp set | Scuttling Garden
Sale price€13,40 Regular price€14,10
Save €0,70
Stamp set | Baby alarm
Stamp set | Baby alarm
Sale price€13,40 Regular price€14,10
Save €0,75
Stamp set | Birds wedding
Stamp set | Birds wedding
Sale price€14,25 Regular price€15,00
Save €8,30
Stamp set | Underwater party Stamp set | Underwater party
Stamp set | Underwater party
Sale price€47,06 Regular price€55,36
Save €7,61
Stamp set | ChristmasStamp set | Christmas
Stamp set | Christmas
Sale price€43,14 Regular price€50,75
Save €7,37
Stamp set | Start of schoolStamp set | Start of school
Stamp set | Start of school
Sale price€41,79 Regular price€49,16
Save €6,57
Stamp set | Greetings from the stork Stamp set | Greetings from the stork
Stamp set | Greetings from the stork
Sale price€37,24 Regular price€43,81
Save €10,75
Stempelset | OsteranhängerStempelset | Osteranhänger
Stempelset | Osteranhänger
Sale price€60,92 Regular price€71,67
stempelset motivstempelset stempelset holz bunt

Design stamp sets & wood stamp sets

Practical & sustainable set packaging

The sets are carefully packed together for you, so all items arrive safely at your home. The cardboard box is perfect for storing the products and can be beautifully staged as a gift, whether individually stamped or wrapped with wrapping paper.

Stamp set teacher, stamp set elementary school, stamp set enrollment, stamp set baptism, stamp set horse & many more

Stamp sets for teachers & children

Stamp sets are perfect for an afternoon of stamping with your little ones or as birthday gifts to let your creativity run wild. Stamp invitations for the children's birthday together, unique pictures for the nursery or cute birth and baptism cards. Many other fun children's motifs can be found under Stamps Kids.

stempelset grundschule stempelset kinder stempelset einschulung stempelset schulkind stempelset lehrer

First day of school

stempelset grundschule stempelset kinder stempelset kindergeburtstag

Kids birthday

stempelset kinder stempelset kindergeburtstag stempelset geschenk stempelset grundschule

Artworks in the kids room

stempelset kinder stempelset taufe kinderstempelset


stempelset grundschule stempelset kinder kinderstempelset stempelset pferd

As a present

stempelset taufe stempelset kinder kinderstempelset


stempelset geschenk stempelset geschenkanhänger stempelset geburtstag

Are stamp sets suitable as a gift?
 - Stamp set birthday

Sets for birthdays

Stamp sets are a wonderful gift idea for all stamp lovers. There are many great sets that you can use for everything birthday related. On the one hand, they are perfect for giving away as they contain everything you need to start stamping right away - or you can simply use them yourself to make others happy by brightening up gifts or customizing cards.

Stamp sets flowers & Stamp sets nature

Stamp sets all around flowers, leaves, jungle & co

Send loving and flowery greeetings: Our nature-related sets can be used for many different occasions. For more stamp designs, check out our Flowers & Leaves Stamps category.

stempelset blumen stempelset natur stempelset blüten stempelset blumenstrauss
stempelset blätter stempelset natur stempelset urban jungle
stempelset blumen stempelset natur stempelset garten
stempelset blumen stempelset natur stempelset garten stempelset blüten stempelset geburtstag
stempelset blumen stempelset natur stempelset blumenstrauss stempelset blüten
stempelset blumen stempelset natur stempelset blüten stempelset blätter
stempelset natur stempelset blätter stempelset dschungel blätter
stempelset natur stempelset blumen stempelset garten
stempelset herbst stempelset natur stempelset wald stempelset blumen

Autumn Sets

Stamp sets with fall and forest motifs

Stamp beautiful cards for the autumn season with unique nature and forest motifs, from cute animals and trees to leaves and branches. Decorate all sorts of stationery individually in the fall look.

stempelset tiere stempelset hochzeit stempelset natur

Stamp sets animals

Animal motifs in your stamp set

In almost all of our stamp sets are animal motifs. We love our little earthlings. Put little things on their backs, in their hands or put them on all kinds of objects - there are no limits to your creativity. Discover our huge selection, get inspired and find your favorite animal:

Stamp set Christmas & Stamp set Winter

Stamp sets for the Christmas season

Our Christmas sets are simply a must-have for this contemplative time. Here we show you a few possible ways to use them, DIY's and cards for inspiration. For our full selection of festive stamps, discover our Christmas Stamps category.

stempelset weihnachten stempelset winter stempelset zahlen stempelset kalender

Our numbers set is wonderful for your homemade Advent calendar.

stempelset weihnachten stempelset winter stempelset zahlen stempelset krippe

Create a cheerful mood in your home on Christmas Eve with the Set Nativity's scene.

stempelset winter stempelset weihnachten weihnachtliche stempelsets stempelset geschenk

A cozy stamping afternoon is the right way to kick off the season.

stempelset weihnachten stempelset winter

The holy three kings are detailed motifs and thus come out perfectly on each card.

stempelset weihnachten stempelset winter stempelset santa stempelset weihnachtsmann

This Santa set is simply a festive allrounder. These cards are sure to delight your friends & family.

stempelset hochzeit stempelset liebe stempelset von herzen stempelset blumen

Stamp set Wedding

Sets for weddings and other loving occasions

Send sincere greetings or design your own invitation cards to your wedding. Many more lovely stamp designs can be found under:

What can I use the Numbers stamp set for?
 - Stamp set calendar

Our allrounder Set - The stamp set numbers

stempelset zahlen stempelset kalender stempelset weihnachten

Advent calender

Create your own Advent calendar and label each bag (or door) with the appropriate number from 1 to 24. Under Boxes & Bags you will find great supplies for crafting calendars.

stempelset zahlen stempelset winter stempelset silvester

New Years

Send festive New Year's greetings or stamp a unique invitation card for your New Year's Eve party. Use the numbers set to stamp the new year on a card and combine it with great party motifs.

stempelset zahlen stempelset geburtstag stempelset geschenk


Give your birthday cards or invitation cards an even more personal touch by adding the date of birth or age of the birthday girl or boy.

stempelset zahlen stempelset advent stempelset weihnachten stempelset winter

Advent wreath

Create your own very individual Advent wreath by "sticking" the numbers on the candles. Use either tissue paper and blow dry it with the embossing heat gun to the wax or take our Tattoo | Numbers and adhere them to candles.

stempelset zahlen stempelset einschulung stempelset grundschule stempelset lehrer stempelset kinder

School enrollment

This set is perfect for starting school. Stamps cute cards, make your own school bag or practice the numbers together with your child: You stamp and your children recreate the numbers.

stempelset zahlen stempelset weihnachten stempelset kalender stempelset geburtstag

Gift tags

Stamps tags with numbers for your advent calendar or even for a birthday. Your gifts are guaranteed to be an eye-catcher!

stempelset temporäre tattoos tattoo bögen im set stempelset blumen stempelset natur

Stamp sets for your skin

Temporary Tattoo Sets

Stamp sets with a difference - how great would it be if stamp motifs could not only be displayed on stationery. That's why we've put together tattoo sets for you, so that you can also wear them on your skin. Discover many more tattoo sheets at:

Stamp set Easter

Sets for Easter

Stamp Easter decorations, make cute Easter baskets or decorate your Easter bush just the way you like it. Our stamp sets are perfect for that because they are both perfectly matched in color and contain beautifully harmonizing stamp designs, so you can immediately begin to stamp and get creative. For many more DIY's and Easter inspiration, visit our category Stamps Easter.

stempelset ostern stempelset blumen

Easter basket

stempelset ostern stempelset natur stempelset blumen stempelset ostereier

Happy Hen

stempelset ostern stempelset osterhase

Bunny love

stempelset ostern stempelset osteranhänger stempelset geschenkanhänger

How can I use stamp sets to create personalized gift tags?

Gift tags included in the stamp sets

We have several stamp sets with tags to stamp on, both wooden (wooden pendants and beads) and paper. These sets include all the tools, such as yarn and other odds and ends, needed to create custom pendants. They are suitable for many different occasions and DIY's. Hang them on your Easter bush, Christmas tree or tie them around your presents. Find many different pendants in a variety of shapes that are ideal for stamping:

stempelset halloween stempelset gespenst

Stamp set Halloween

Trick or Treat

Halloween stamp sets for spooky cute decorations or unique Halloween invitations for your own party.

kleine stempel sets kleines stempelset stempelset blumen

Does Perlenfischer have small stamp sets?

Mini stamp sets

Our small stamp sets contain motif stamps that match each other perfectly and can be ideally combined with each other. In these sets are intentionally no ink pads included to leave you the freedom in terms of color choice, but you can still save 5% on the respective stamps.

stempelkissen set

Ink pads sets

Our pigment stamping inks

Our ink colors are now available in 27 different selected shades, which can be wonderfully combined with each other. Therefore, we have created particularly harmonizing colors for you as a set of 3. Furthermore, the pads are available in two sizes each and are very easy to refill.

stempelset sprüche buchstaben stempelset geburtstag stempelset geschenk

Stamp set textstamps & letters stamp set

Which stamp sets are suitable for individual cards and invitations?

We recommend our stamp sets, which include one of our beautiful textstamps, as you can easily create pretty cards with lovely greetings. Just click through the sets above: on the product photos or in the item descriptions you can see which stamps are included.

stempelset einladung stempelset silvester stempelset sprüche stempelset geburtstag

Stamp sets invitation

Sets for New Year's Eve

Stamp unique invitation cards for your New Year's Eve party or send individual New Year's greetings. Many other New Year's Eve motifs, such as rockets, sparklers or Happy New Year lettering, can be found here:

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