stoffstempelfarbe textilfarbe stoffe bestempeln textilien bestempeln
stoffstempelfarbe textilfarbe stoffe bestempeln textilien bestempeln

Textile stamping ink - Unique motifs on all kinds of fabrics

Stamping is not only possible on stationery: decorate tablecloths, gift bags, cushion covers, tea towels & cloth napkins with textile stamping ink.


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Textile Ink | BlackTextile Ink | Black
Textile Ink | Black
Sale price€6,90
Textile Ink | BrownTextile Ink | Brown
Textile Ink | Brown
Sale price€6,90
Textile Ink | Moss GreenTextile Ink | Moss Green
Textile Ink | Moss Green
Sale price€6,90
Textile Ink | GreenTextile Ink | Green
Textile Ink | Green
Sale price€6,90
Textile Ink | Apple GreenTextile Ink | Apple Green
Textile Ink | Apple Green
Sale price€6,90
Textile Ink | Fluorescent YellowTextile Ink | Fluorescent Yellow
Textile Ink | Fluorescent Red
Textile Ink | RedTextile Ink | Red
Textile Ink | Red
Sale price€6,90
Textile Ink | BurgundyTextile Ink | Burgundy
Textile Ink | Burgundy
Sale price€6,90
Textile Ink | Baby PinkTextile Ink | Baby Pink
Textile Ink | Baby Pink
Sale price€6,90
Textile Ink | Metallic Lilac
Textile Ink | Baby BlueTextile Ink | Baby Blue
Textile Ink | Baby Blue
Sale price€6,90
Textile Ink | Royal BlueTextile Ink | Royal Blue
Textile Ink | Royal Blue
Sale price€6,90
Textile Ink | White
Textile Ink | White
Sale price€6,90
Sold out
Sale price€1,50
Sold out
Fabric pencil case | Pouch with zipperFabric pencil case | Pouch with zipper
Fabric Bag | Bag with handleFabric Bag | Bag with handle
Fabric Bag | Bag with handle
Sale price€6,50
Stofftuch | KüchenhandtuchStofftuch | Küchenhandtuch
Stofftuch | Küchenhandtuch
Sale price€5,90
6 Fabric Bags | Bag with drawstring big6 Fabric Bags | Bag with drawstring big
6 Fabric Bags | Bag with drawstring medium6 Fabric Bags | Bag with drawstring medium
6 Fabric Bags | Bag with drawstring small6 Fabric Bags | Bag with drawstring small
stoffstempelfarbe textilien bestempeln stoffe bestempeln video tutorial anleitung stoffstempeln
neue stoffstempelfarben vierzehn textilfarben stoffe bestempeln textilien bestempeln
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How many different fabric stamp colors are there?

Our new colors

The new textile stamping inks are finally here! 14 different shades that you can use to stamp and embellish textiles for all kinds of occasions. Be inspired and have fun being creative!

How do I stamp on fabrics?

Step by step instruction

stoffstempelfarbe anleitung stoffe bestempeln stoffstempeln mit textilstempeln

Swipe to the left to find all the individual steps for fabric stamping. So you can get started right away!

stoffstempelfarbe anleitung schritt eins feste pappe unter den stoff legen

1. Place a firm piece of cardboard under the fabric so that the surface does not give way and the impression is even better.

stoffstempelfarbe anleitung schritt 2 mit schwämmchen farbe aufnehmen

2. Put some paint on the plate and apply it to the rubber of the stamp motif with the littel sponge.

stoffstempelfarbe anleitung tipp stoff bestempeln gleichmässig farbe auf stempel verteilen

Check again that the entire surface of the rubber stamp is evenly covered with ink.

stoffstempelfarbe anleitung tipp stoff bestempeln farbe selbst mischen auf teller

Tip: You can also easily mix your own colors on the plate.

stoffstempelfarbe anleitung schritt drei druck gleichmässig auf textilstempel verteilen

3. Now press the stamp onto the fabric with even pressure. Important: Apply new paint with each subsequent impression.

stoffstempelfarbe anleitung schritt vier stoff 48 stunden vor waschen trocknen lassen

4. We recommend that you let the fabric dry for about 48 hours. Only wash it afterwards at a maximum of 40 degrees.

stoffstempelfarbe anleitung schritt fünf schwämmchen und textilstempel waschen

5. Be sure to wash the stamps and the sponge so that the textile ink does not dry out and you can reuse everything.

stoffstempelfarbe übersicht was brauche ich zum stempeln textilstempel stoff stoffstempelfarbe und teller

What do I need to stamp on textiles?

Overview of your utensils

1. Textile stamping ink and stamp motif of your choice
2. Sponge to spread the ink
3. Plate on which to drip and pick up the ink
4. Piece of fabric that you want to embellish
5. Optional tip: a sturdy piece of cardboard that you can place under the fabric to make the impression even better.

Stamping on fabrics for all kinds of gifts

Unique birthday presents

Simply create your own birthday presents. Stamp various items of clothing, fabric bags and cushion covers as gifts for your loved ones or napkins as decorations for your own birthday party. Here you can see how individually you can wrap your gifts by creatively designing fabric bags for all kinds of occasions. You can find the best party motifs in our catergory Birthday stamps.

stoffstempelfarbe textilstempel stoffe bestempeln geschenk geburtstag
stoffstempelfarbe textilfarbe beutel geburtstag bestempeln
stoffstempelfarbe textilfarbe textilstempel beutel bestempeln
stoffstempelfarbe textilfarbe textilstempel kissen bestempeln kissenbezug bestempeln
stoffstempelfarbe textilfarbe textilstempel stempel farn auf stoffsäckchen stempeln
stoffstempelfarbe textilfarbe textilstempel serviette bestempeln küchentuch bestempeln
stoffstempelfarbe stempelfarbe für stoff textilstempel stoffmäppchen bestempeln

fabric stamping ink for kids

Design a pencil case

Stamp your children a unique pencil case for their first day of school. For this you can use many different great stamp designs. Take a look at our category and find cute children's motifs and many DIY's.

Stamping fabrics for weddings

Decorations & gifts for the festival of love

You can make lots of wonderful DIYs for your wedding to make this special day even more personal. Simply stamp your own high-quality cloth napkins as table decorations and create heartfelt guest gifts or presents for the bride and groom. You can find many more lovely designs at Wedding stamps.

stoffstempelfarbe textilfarbe textilstempel stoffe hochzeit bestempeln tischdeko hochzeit

Herzliche Gastgeschenke

stoffstempelfarbe textilfarbe textilstempel tischdeko hochzeit serviette bestempeln

Servietten & Tischdeko

stoffstempelfarbe textilfarbe textilstempel herz stoffbeutel bestempeln stoffe selber bestempeln

Gifts for the bridal couple

stoffstempelfarbe textilstempel herz geschenk zum muttertag stoffbeutel bestempeln

Stamping on fabrics for Mother's Day

All the best for your mothers

Make your moms happy by wrapping gifts individually and warmly. Of course, you can also spend a wonderful creative afternoon together and start great DIY projects with the textile stamping inks.

Textile stamps flowers & leaves

Stamping on fabrics with natural motifs

Flowers, leaves, blossoms, twigs etc. make wonderful stamp motifs for fabrics as they go perfectly with natural looks such as linen and cotton. For great plant and nature motifs, take a look at our Flowers & leaves stamp category.

stoffstempelfarbe textilstempel blätter stoff bestempeln geschenkbeutel bestempeln
stoffstempelfarbe textilstempel ginkgoblatt stoffbeutel bestempeln diy geschenk
stoffstempelfarbe textilstempel blätter stoffbeutel bestempeln geschenkbeutel selber machen
stoffstempelfarbe textilstempel schwammtuch bestempeln küchentuch bestempeln

Stamping on a fabric napkin

Decorations for your wedding

Cover your table with beautiful & individual decorations like self-stamped napkins, tablecloths and self-made wooden napkin rings (wooden pendants). Instead of the motifs in the video, you can also choose hearts or flower motifs, depending on what suits the theme of your dinner. Take a look at our mini stamps category.

Products Used

stamping ink textile water resistant

Fabrics with animal motifs

Animal stamps are our absolute favorite motifs, they enhance every piece of fabric individually! They simply suit all occasions and can be combined wonderfully. Stamp hats on their heads, let them pull little things like a sledge or place them on branches and so on. You can find all kinds of cute designs and great inspiration at Stamps animals!

stoffstempelfarbe textilstempel textilfarbe umhängetasche bestempeln shopper bestempeln
stoffstempelfarbe textilfarbe wasserfest mäppchen bestempeln
stoffstempelfarbe textilfarbe wasserfest textilstempel küchentuch bestempeln
stoffstempelfarbe textilstempel tiere textilfarbe schwarz
stoffstempelfarbe textilien stempeln stoffe bestempeln

Textile stamping ink for lettering

Stamping heartfelt sayings on fabric

You can easily stamp loving messages and greetings on different fabrics. Take a look at our matching category, where you will find a lot of different letterings for all kinds of occasions.

Textile stamping ink for easter

Stamping DIY egg warmers & napkins for Easter

It's easy to make your own egg warmer. Cut a piece of fabric to size, stitch the edges together with yarn and tie the ends. Finally, stamp the fabric with Easter motifs - and your personalized Easter egg warmer is ready! You can also stamp pretty spring-themed napkins for Easter brunch, an absolute eye-catcher as a table decoration. For more cute Easter motifs, take a look at our great category Easter stamps.

stoffstempelfarbe textilfarbe braun textilstempel ostern osterdeko stoffe zu ostern bestempeln
stoffstempelfarbe textilstempel ostern textilfarbe osterdekoration serviette bestempeln
stoffstempelfarbe textilstempel ostern textilfarbe osterdeko diy stoffe bestempeln ostern

Stamp on fabric bags

Wrapping gifts in autumn style

Fabric bags are wonderful as gift packaging, which you can then also perfectly reuse. Many more autumnal forest motifs can be found under Stamp Autumn & Forest.

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stoffstempelfarbe stempelfarbe für stoff textilstempel stoff bestempeln stickrahmen stempel krippe

Textile stamps

stamped fabrics in an embroidery hoop

Stamp a beautiful fabric and put it in an embroidery hoop. That way you can give away a great present that you can hang up wonderfully in your own home as a decoration. Here we have stamped a festive scene with the stamp set Nativity. For even more harmonizing and coordinated motifs, take a look at our category:

Textile ink for Christmas

Stamping fabrics christmas-style and festive

Create great Christmas gifts, Advent calendars and decorations for Christmas Eve. Unique festive stamp designs and lots of beautiful DIY's can be found under Stamp Christmas.

stoffstempelfarbe textilstempel weihnachten textilfarbe weihnachten weihnachtsdeko stempeln serviette bestempeln

Festive gift bags

stoffstempelfarbe weihnachten textilstempel weihnachten adventskalender säckchen bestempeln

Advent calendar bags

stoffstempelfarbe stempelfarbe für stoff textilstempel stoff bestempeln stempel weihnachten

homemade Christmas gift

stoffstempelfarbe stempelfarbe für stoff textilstempel stoffbeutel adventskalender bestempeln

Festive gift bags

Stamping fabric bags for Christmas

Stamp Advent calendar sachet

Craft your own creative Advent calendar. Fabric bags, linen bags and other bags are wonderful for wrapping small gifts for the Advent season. For extra highlights, you can also spruce up your stamped creations with glitter glue. Take a look at the video tutorial!

Products Used

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