Embossing powder, embossing dryer and other accessories

Stamping with the extra shimmer: Your self-made cards will be an absolute eye-catcher thanks to the special texture and glittery look.


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Embossing set | Heat gun + PowderEmbossing set | Heat gun + Powder
Embossing set | Heat gun + Powder
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8 colors available

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Perlenfischer Embossing Powder | GoldPerlenfischer Embossing Powder | Gold
Perlenfischer Embossing Powder | CopperPerlenfischer Embossing Powder | Copper
Perlenfischer Embossing Powder | SilverPerlenfischer Embossing Powder | Silver
Perlenfischer Embossingpowder | White
Perlenfischer Embossing Powder | Neon PinkPerlenfischer Embossing Powder | Neon Pink
Perlenfischer Embossingpowder | GlitterPerlenfischer Embossingpowder | Glitter
Perlenfischer Embossing Powder | GlossyPerlenfischer Embossing Powder | Glossy
Perlenfischer Embossing Powder | PearlyPerlenfischer Embossing Powder | Pearly
Embossing Refill Ink | Transparent
Embossing Heat GunEmbossing Heat Gun
Embossing Heat Gun
Sale price€21,90
Embossing Ink Pad | TransparentEmbossing Ink Pad | Transparent
Embossing Pulver Gold, Perlenfischer Stempel, Stempel Farn, Stempel Blätter

What is so special about the embossing technique?

Enhancing your cards

The special thing about the embossing technique you can not only see, but also feel. Embossing highlights a motif wonderfully and makes it shimmer uniquely. The lacquer-like coating feels really high-quality. Through the combination of different powder colors and ink pads you get unique effects.

By the way: Through the heat gun, the stamp ink is dry and sealed in seconds.

Stempelkissen Gold, Embossing Pulver Gold, Stempel Eukalyptus, Stempel Blätter

Embossing ink pad & Embossing Powder Gold

Glitter, Glamour & Gold

Gold is simply an all-rounder! Use the gold ink pad with the gold embossing powder, so you get twice the amount of shimmer. Our metallic ink pads are perfect for the embossing technique because they are wonderfully adhesive. However, you can just as easily use any other ink pad. They give an incredibly colorful look with the transparent embossing powders.

Embossing technique easily explained

How does embossing powder work?

1. Stamp your favorite motif in your favorite color.
2. Sprinkle embossing powder of your choice generously on the motif.
3. Tap the powder on a piece of scrap paper.
4. Pour excess powder back into the jar.
5. Heat the powder with the heat gun and enjoy a great result in seconds.

Products Used

Embossing Fön, Embossing Pulver Gold, Stempelkissen Gold, Stempel Blätter, Stempel Magnolienblatt

Is there a special embossing dryer / embossing machine?

The embossing heat gun

Use a special embossing heat gun to melt the powder. Please note: A hair dryer will not be hot enough or will blow the powder off the paper.

Embossing Materialien, Embossing Fön, Embossing Pulver Gold, Stempelkissen Gold, Papier, Stempel Magnolienblatt, Stempel Blätter

What materials do I need for embossing?

6 utensils - you're ready to go

Stamps, ink pad, embossing powder, stationery, scratch paper, heat gun: that's all you need for embossing.

Embossing set

Your Embossing starter set

Create your own set: Choose your favorite shimmering embossing powders, get the heat gun right away and start embossing right now! And the best thing is, you also save 10% in this set.

Stempel Farn, Stempel Urban Jungle, Stempel Blätter, Embossing Pulver Gold

Which embossing stamps should I use?

Perlenfischer stamps for Embossing

All our stamp designs can be used for embossing technique - large, small, rough or fine. Our stamps are made of wood and produced exclusively in Germany. The stamp rubber is made and cut with a laser, which guarantees a high-quality, detailed and borderless impression. Thus, the shimmering relief character of embossing comes perfectly to the fore.

Embossing Ideas

Your next Embossing project

Stempel Weihnachten, Stempel Mistelzweig, Geschenk Weihnachten, Embossing Pulver Gold


It glitters, shimmers and sparkles. Christmas stamps and the embossing technique fit together just perfectly.

Mother's Day greetings

With the embossing technique, one motif is enough.
The relief-like surface is an eye-catcher in itself! You can find many more heartfelt stamps under Mother's Day stamps.

Simple & Beautiful

Flowers, leaves & Co simply fit all kinds of occasions. Under Stamps flowers & leaves there is much inspiration.

Stempel Halloween, Stempel Gespenst, Embossing Pulver Kupfer, Stempelfarbe Rose Gold auf dunklem Papier

dark paper

Achieve strong shimmer effects with our metallic shades and embossing powders on dark paper. Scary stamps are available in the Halloween category.

Stempel Eukalyptus, Stempel Blätter, Embossing Pulver Silber, DIY, selbstgemachtes Notizbuch

DIY Presents

Giving a homemade notebook as a birthday gift is a great idea. Seal it with the powder in silver. For more gift ideas, check out Stamps Birthday.

Stempel Silvester, Stempel Wunderkerzen, Embossing Pulver Silber, Stempel Party


Happy New Year! Self-stamped sparklers for New Year's Eve look really great with embossing. And even without the risk of fire.

Stempel Hochzeit, Stempel Liebe, Stempel Bulli, VW Bus, Stempel Boho, Stempel Herz, Embossing Pulver Gold

Love is in the air

Wedding greeting cards look much more festive and high quality with the embossing technique. Take a look at our selection in Stamps Wedding.

Embossing Pulver durchsichtig, Stempel Wal, Stempel zur Taufe, Stempel Krone


Doesn't the whale shine like water? With the Embossing Powder Glossy this effect always works. In the stamp category kids you will find more stamps for baptism.

Stempel Tier, Stempel Hirschkäfer, Stempel Herbst, Embossing Pulver Gold auf dunklem Papier

Fall animals

Large stamps look especially great when they are embossed. You can find more autumn animals in the categories Stamps Autumn & Forest and Stamps Animals.

Stempel Happy Birthday, Stempel Geburtstag, Geburtstagskarte, Embossing Pulver durchsichtig

Embossing Pen

Embossing with lettering

With the Embossing Powder Glossy you can stamp great invitation cards and embellish them with the embossing technique. Also our text stamps get a unique effect and look like self-written.

Stempel Palmenblatt, Stempel Blätter, Stempel Urban Jungle, Stempelkissen Gold und Grün, Embossing Pulver Gold

On what materials can I use the embossing technique?

Paper, wood & more

We recommend using thicker paper so that it does not curl due to the heat and you get a perfect result. Wood can also be embellished with the embossing technique. It is important that the wood has a fine structure, so that the powder does not settle in the wood cracks when tapping. Our wooden pendants are perfect for this.

Papieranhänger mit Stempel Punkte, Embossing Pulver Perlmutt, Embossing Pulver mit Schimmer

Which embossing ink pad should I use?

Embossing ink

Our Metallic Gold, Silver and Rose Gold ink pads adhere extremely well and are therefore ideal as embossing ink pads. For an extremely strong and opaque tint, the stamp colors can be combined with the corresponding powder colors. But also our other ink pads are suitable for the embossing technique. With the transparent embossing powders Glossy and Pearly you achieve a different, great result depending on the base ink.

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