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Stamp | Spring bouquetStamp | Spring bouquet
Stamp | Spring bouquet
Sale price€12,50
Stamp | Vase StripesStamp | Vase Stripes
Stamp | Vase Stripes
Sale price€9,50
Stamp | Leaf 2Stamp | Leaf 2
Stamp | Leaf 2
Sale price€4,20
Stamp | Alles Liebe 2Stamp | Alles Liebe 2
Stamp | Alles Liebe 2
Sale price€8,50
Stamp | Cornflower branchStamp | Cornflower branch
Stamp | Cornflower branch
Sale price€9,50
Stamp | Three Blossoms miniStamp | Three Blossoms mini
Stamp | Three Blossoms mini
Sale price€2,50
Stamp | Butterfly 2Stamp | Butterfly 2
Stamp | Butterfly 2
Sale price€4,20
Stamp | Ladybug FlyingStamp | Ladybug Flying
Stamp | Ladybug Flying
Sale price€2,50
Stamp | Bumblebee miniStamp | Bumblebee mini
Stamp | Bumblebee mini
Sale price€2,50
Stamp | Three Wheeled TransporterStamp | Three Wheeled Transporter
Stamp | Turtle walkingStamp | Turtle walking
Stamp | Turtle walking
Sale price€9,50
Stamp | Frohe Ostern 3Stamp | Frohe Ostern 3
Stamp | Frohe Ostern 3
Sale price€8,50
Stamp | Easter egg full miniStamp | Easter egg full mini
Stamp | Easter egg full mini
Sale price€2,50
Stamp | Thumper Floppy EarsStamp | Thumper Floppy Ears
Stamp | Thumper Floppy Ears
Sale price€6,50
Stamp | Bunny miniStamp | Bunny mini
Stamp | Bunny mini
Sale price€2,50
Stamp | HareStamp | Hare
Stamp | Hare
Sale price€10,50
5 Postcards | Dot Grass green5 Postcards | Dot Grass green
5 Postcard set | Bonbon Mix
5 Postcard set | Bonbon Mix
Sale price€3,95

Garden & Spring

looking forward to warm days

We can not wait until the first warm rays of sunshine break through the gray sky and the first buds, the first harbingers of spring can be discovered. Until then, we'll make do with colorful stamp motifs that at least awaken spring vibes in us. For more stamps for the warm season, take a look at the category Stamps Spring & Summer and Stamps Flowers & Leaves.

Easter Brunch

Wooden Pendants

Stamp wooden tags made from birch wood in the shape of an egg for your Easter bush. The wooden tags are perfect for stamping and absorb the stamping ink very clearly. Try it out for yourself.

stamping easter wreaths

Greeting cards for Easter

We love stamping wreaths as greetings cards for Easter because they can be made in so many different ways. One stamp is enough to create an Easter wreath, and many smaller stamps can imitate a really full wreath of flowers. Discover more stamps for Easter in the Easter stamp category.

Stamping Easter baskets and Easter gifts

make your own individual easter gifts

Small bunny bags filled with sweets and stamps, pretty wicker baskets decorated with paper tags or cardboard baskets personalized with stamps. You can even personalize your wrapping paper. Yarns & ribbons complement your stamped gifts in a very special way.

New Textstamps

Happy Easter

We have something really great for you: text stamps with a new font. Suitable for Easter and greeting cards. You can find more different types in the text stamp category.

Stamping Easter Bunnies

new easter bunnies for easter greetings of all kinds

New Printables

Free Easter DIY's to recreate

With these great new print templates, nothing can get in the way of your Easter celebrations. From new ideas for designing a card to simple bunny bags for your Easter eggs.

New Dot Postcard

Grass green

It doesn't get any greener than this: our dot cards are complemented by another card, and with its bright grass green color, it really brings some zest to the party. Of course, we didn't waste any time and put together a great card set for you. Click here for the bonbon mix.

One stamp many possibilities

Spring bouquet

The new spring bouquet is not only suitable for vases, but also looks great as a cute mistletoe.

Mini stamps

7 new cone stamps for you

Three blossoms mini

Bunny mini & Easter egg full mini

Bumblebee mini & Leaf 2

Butterfly 2 & Ladybug flying

Creative DIY Projects

Stamp Christmas cards

From now on, simply decorate your table yourself for all kinds of parties. Our new stamp motifs are not just perfect for carnival and fancy dress parties. Why not make beautiful garlands, sweet bags, cake decorations or unique gift tags for your future children's birthdays? This will make the day unforgettable! You can find our entire selection of party motifs under: Birthday stamps.

Party glitter with embossing

With the embossing technique you can highlight any party motif wonderfully. The embossing powder | glitter is simply a real eye-catcher. Have fun trying it out. You can find all tutorials and many more DIYs in our collection:

Crafting & Stamping

DIY Candy bags

Kids love sweets. For birthday parties, carnival and fancy dress parties, you can make the little ones happy by designing pretty and practical candy bags yourself. Click here to discover our boxes & bags. Our stamping inks are just as colorful as Smarties and confetti, so take a look at our ink pads category.

All the best for your birth

Stamp cute greeting cards for the birth, thank you cards for baby gifts or individual birth cards to welcome your little miracle with your loved ones. You can find more children's motifs here:

Invitation and congratulation cards suitable for all kinds of festivities

Stamp special invitation cards to make your guests look forward to your party. Or add a festive greetings card to your next gift and send your friends warm greetings for the special occasion. Under blanco cards, you'll find high-quality stationery and colorful dot cards that are perfect for your birthday theme.

Party vibes with our new hats

spread a good mood - smiley and happy day

Happy Birthday and confetti rain

Geschenkanhänger mit Grinsebacke

A sky full of stars and candies

our dinosaurs got a new family member

New Stampset

Dinosaurs are just the cutest animal stamps. Now we have another motif: The stamp | Brachiosaurus. All three dino stamps can be combined wonderfully. Put little things on their backs, give them stuff in their hands, let them draw all kinds of motifs or hang funny stamps on their necks. There are no limits to your creativity. Take a look at our stamp sets category. There you will find sets perfectly put together for you for a wide variety of occasions.

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