Stempel Weihnachten Weihnachtskarten Stempel Merry Christmas Stempel Tannenbaum Stempel Geschenk Stempel Sterne Stempel Schlitten Stempel Tannenzweig
Stempel Weihnachten Weihnachtskarten Stempel Merry Christmas Stempel Tannenbaum Stempel Geschenk Stempel Sterne Stempel Schlitten Stempel Tannenzweig

Christmas stamps and stamp sets for festive Christmas greetings

Merry Christmas stamps for the Advent season! Create beautiful Christmas cards, gift tags and Advent calendars with festive Christmas stamps.


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Stamp | ReindeerStamp | Reindeer
Stamp | Reindeer
Sale price€12,50
Stamp | Frohe Weihnachten 2Stamp | Frohe Weihnachten 2
Stamp | Frohe Weihnachten 2
Sale price€10,50
Stamp | Star big
Stamp | Star big
Sale price€9,50
Stamp | Christmas bauble
Stamp | Christmas bauble
Sale price€4,90
Stamp | Frohe WeihnachtenStamp | Frohe Weihnachten
Stamp | Frohe Weihnachten
Sale price€8,50
Stamp | Ein kleines GeschenkStamp | Ein kleines Geschenk
Stamp | Ein kleines Geschenk
Sale price€6,50
Stamp set | Nativity sceneStamp set | Nativity scene
Stamp set | Nativity scene
Sale price€49,90
Stamp | Fir wreath
Stamp | Fir wreath
Sale price€12,50
Stamp | Bauble SnowflakeStamp | Bauble Snowflake
Stamp | Bauble Snowflake
Sale price€4,90
Stamp | SledStamp | Sled
Stamp | Sled
Sale price€7,50
Stamp | Ornament StarStamp | Ornament Star
Stamp | Ornament Star
Sale price€4,90
Stamp | Merry Christmas 4
Stamp | Merry Christmas 4
Sale price€10,50
Stamp | PenguinbabyStamp | Penguinbaby
Stamp | Penguinbaby
Sale price€7,50
Stamp | Christmas hatStamp | Christmas hat
Stamp | Christmas hat
Sale price€2,50
Stamp | Christmas sledgeStamp | Christmas sledge
Stamp | Christmas sledge
Sale price€12,50
Stamp | Present XLStamp | Present XL
Stamp | Present XL
Sale price€9,50
Stamp | Fir branchStamp | Fir branch
Stamp | Fir branch
Sale price€10,50
Stamp | Package smallStamp | Package small
Stamp | Package small
Sale price€4,20
Stamp | Pendant rhombusStamp | Pendant rhombus
Stamp | Pendant rhombus
Sale price€2,50
Stamp | Christmas bauble XLStamp | Christmas bauble XL
Stamp | Christmas bauble XL
Sale price€12,50
Stamp | Fir tree miniStamp | Fir tree mini
Stamp | Fir tree mini
Sale price€2,50
Stamp set | NumbersStamp set | Numbers
Stamp set | Numbers
Sale price€43,90
Stamp | Candy cane
Stamp | Candy cane
Sale price€9,50
Stamp | Mistletoe smallStamp | Mistletoe small
Stamp | Mistletoe small
Sale price€4,90
Stamp | Fir tree XLStamp | Fir tree XL
Stamp | Fir tree XL
Sale price€12,50
Stempel Weihnachten Weihnachtskarten stempel Stempel Weihnachtskugel Stempel frohe Weihnachten
Stempel Weihnachten Adventskalender basteln Stempel Tannenbaum Stempel zahlen Stempel
Stempel Weihnachten Weihnachtskarte stempeln Stempel Tannenbaum Stempel Geschenk
Stempel Weihnachten Santa Schlitten Geschenke SchlittschuheStempel Weihnachten Santa Schlitten Geschenke Schlittschuhe
Stamp | Santa head
Stamp | Santa head
Sale price€7,50
Stamp | Candy cane small
Stamp | Candy cane small
Sale price€4,20

How do I design my own DIY advent calendar?

DIY advent calendar

1. Choose a stamp (other festive motifs: Stamps New Year, Mini Stamps and Stamps Flowers & Leaves)
2. Coordinate color combinations (ink pads and textile ink)
3. Select stationery (blanco cards, paper tags and boxes & bags)
4. Accessories for fastening (clips, yarns and masking tapes are perfect)
For even more inspiration and everything you need for your calendar, directly at a glance: Our category ADVENT CALENDAR ACCESSORIES.

Stempel Weihnachten Adventskalender Papieranhänger

Our paper tags are perfect for stamping. This makes every advent calendar gift an eye-catcher.

Stempel Weihnachten Adventskalender Tüten

Stamp on paper bags of your choice for Christmas. Hang them with yarn and clips in your home. You have your own Advent calendar.

Stempel Weihnachten Adventskalender Stoffstempelfarbe

You can stamp very different motifs with textile stamping ink on fabric bags. Tada! Your homemade calendar bag.

Stempel Weihnachten Adventskalender Geschenkschachteln Schachtel

Stamp the 24 gift boxes with a motif of your choice and add a highlight by decorating them with Stickles glitter glue .

Stempel Weihnachten Adventskalender Stempel Tannenbaum

Cardboard boxes can be easily stamped and are also suitable as a nice storage option.

Stempel Weihnachten Adventskalender Stempelset Zahlen

Decorate your gifts with our number stamps. Then wrap them up and tie a yarn around them. Ready is your individual Christmas calendar.

Stempel Weihnachten Adventskalender Pergamin Beutel Papierblock

Simply stamp a piece of paper from our Perlenfischer Block, fold it in the middle, fill the glassine bag, staple it at the top and you're done!

How to stamp cute and funny Christmas cards?

Favorite animals in Christmas style

Put little things on the back of our stamped animals , let them draw something or give them festive stamp motifs. There are no limits for your creativity!

Stempel Weihnachten Weihnachtsbaum Geschenk Warm Wishes

Our stationery can be stamped perfectly, you are guaranteed to get an ideal stamping result.

Stempel Weihnachten Schlitten Frohes Fest Pinguin

Try out great combinations with our colorful and highly pigmented stamping inks.

Stempel Weihnachten Tanne Geschenke Weihnachtsmütze

Easily customize paper tags in all shapes and sizes for your gifts and cards.

Stempel Weihnachten Happy Christmas Weihnachtsbaum Oktopus Stern

Put Perlenfischer animals in the spotlight for Christmas. Let the octopus hold cute motifs.

Stempel Weihnachten Reh Geschenke Zuckerstange

For small but fine Christmas cards take a look at our 10 card set with envelopes in A7 format.

Stempel Weihnachten Weihachtsbaum Merry Christmas Stern Geschenk Wal

Embellish your gifts and cards with clips and threads in all sorts of bright and glittering colours.

Stempel Frohe Weihnachten Weihnachtskugel Christbaumkugel

Written stamps for the Advent season make every self-stamped greeting look even more heartfelt.


The three components are important: stamps, ink pads and suitable stationery. A good combination is what really counts in the end. You should also have a piece of scratch paper ready as a base and a damp sponge cloth to clean the stamps. You're ready to go.

Stempel Weihnachten Tannenzweig Tannenbaum Mistelzweig

Rubber stamps

Stempelkissen für Weihnachten Nachthimmel Blau Schnee Silber

ink pads

Stempel Frohe Weihnachten Kerzen Glocke Tanne Taube


Stempel Fröhliche Weihnachten Mistelzweig Schleife

Merry Christmas Lettering

Where do I place the text stamp on the card?

Tend to stamp the typo in the middle of the lower third of a card and the main motif slightly above the lettering. If the distances between the main motif, typo and the lower edge of the card are approximately the same, you have done everything right! You can see this type of placement in the picture.

Are wooden tags suitable for stamping?

You don't just have to limit yourself to paper when stamping: wooden pendants are also ideal for stamping and are a durable and high-quality alternative to paper. Use them as gift tags or as decorations on your Christmas tree.

Stempel Weihnachten Papierstern Holzanhänger Garn gold


The pendants enhance any gift. Tie them with beautiful yarn to the gift & make it sparkle with glitter glue.

Stempel Frohe Weihnachten Holzanhänger Tannenbaum Santa

Christmas tree

The opacity of our stamp colors is just as convincing on wood as it is on paper.

Stempel Weihnachten Holzanhänger Schlitten Stempel Pinguin

penguin card

The wooden pendants are also perfect for cards. Simply thread yarn through the pre-punched hole.

Stempel Weihnachten Holzanhänger Tannenzweig Tannenbaum Stricksocke Kerze

for all sorts of things

Here you can see even more shapes of our wooden pendants. Let your creativity run free.

Stempel Weihnachten Happy Christmas Schlitten Handschuhe Geschenk Pinguinbaby

Christmas tree

Decorate your Christmas tree with sustainable, homemade pendants.

Which stamp sets are perfect for the holiday season?

Christmas stamp sets

Here are our three favorite stamp sets for you. You can use it to design advent calendars, decoratively display the stamps at home or stamp your own little nativity scene.
See for yourself...

Stempelset Weihnachten Zahlen

With our number set you can stamp on bags and cards for Christmas and many other occasions.

Stempelset Weihnachten Krippe

Create with this set an individual nativity scene for your own home. Displayed or stamped, both an eye-catcher.

Stempelset Weihnachten Heilige drei Könige

Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar
are the perfect addition to our crib set
on the festive days.

Stempel Weihnachten DIY Geschenk Jahreskalender bestempeln

last minute gift idea

How do I stamp an annual calendar?

You can easily design your own annual calendar, for example by stamping many different motifs as a pattern all over the paper and adding personal photos of you as a surprise - the format is perfect!

Stempel zu Weihnachten aus Holz nachhaltig und fair produziert in Deutschland

Are our stamps produced sustainably and fairly?

Perlenfischer Values

With our production conditions and the values ​​manifested in them, we want to make it clear that the topic of sustainability is very important to us. Our stamps are produced exclusively in Germany and under fair conditions. We source the wood from local forests and our stamps are characterized by loving craftsmanship and durability!

Stempel Weihnachten Papieranhänger Weihnachtsgeschenke Schlitten Handschuhe Geschenk

How to decorate gifts with paper tags?

High quality gift tags

With our paper tags you can easily decorate and stamp your gifts, no matter what the occasion and according to your taste. Simply thread any yarn through the hole and tie it around the gift. So every gift becomes an eye-catcher!

Discover our full range of paper tags in all sizes and shapes:

perlenfischer kreditkarte mit schloss symbolisiert sichere zahlung

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