Stempel Tiere Stempel Reh Stempel Zebra Stempel Giraffe Stempel Krabbe Stempel Vogel Stempel Hund
Stempel Tiere Stempel Reh Stempel Zebra Stempel Giraffe Stempel Krabbe Stempel Vogel Stempel Hund

Animal stamps for big and small

Whether individually or in good company: Our animal motifs are wonderful ambassadors for greetings, congratulations and gift decorations.


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Stamp | HareStamp | Hare
Stamp | Hare
Sale price€10,50
Stamp | Bunny miniStamp | Bunny mini
Stamp | Bunny mini
Sale price€2,50
Stamp | Ladybug FlyingStamp | Ladybug Flying
Stamp | Ladybug Flying
Sale price€2,50
Stamp | Turtle walkingStamp | Turtle walking
Stamp | Turtle walking
Sale price€9,50
Stamp | Butterfly 2Stamp | Butterfly 2
Stamp | Butterfly 2
Sale price€4,20
Stamp | Bumblebee miniStamp | Bumblebee mini
Stamp | Bumblebee mini
Sale price€2,50
Stamp | Thumper Floppy EarsStamp | Thumper Floppy Ears
Stamp | Thumper Floppy Ears
Sale price€6,50
Stamp | BrachiosaurusStamp | Brachiosaurus
Stamp | Brachiosaurus
Sale price€14,50
Stamp | Baby sealStamp | Baby seal
Stamp | Baby seal
Sale price€6,50
Stamp | DolphinStamp | Dolphin
Stamp | Dolphin
Sale price€12,50
Stamp | RaccoonStamp | Raccoon
Stamp | Raccoon
Sale price€12,50
Stamp | ZebraStamp | Zebra
Stamp | Zebra
Sale price€12,50
Stamp | MeerkatStamp | Meerkat
Stamp | Meerkat
Sale price€10,50
Stamp | HorseshoeStamp | Horseshoe
Stamp | Horseshoe
Sale price€4,20
Stamp | Brown bearStamp | Brown bear
Stamp | Brown bear
Sale price€12,50
Stamp | StegosaurusStamp | Stegosaurus
Stamp | Stegosaurus
Sale price€12,50
Save €1,15
Stampset | Christmas TwitteringStampset | Christmas Twittering
Stampset | Christmas Twittering
Sale price€21,85 Regular price€23,00
Stamp | OctopusStamp | Octopus
Stamp | Octopus
Sale price€12,50
Stamp | ReindeerStamp | Reindeer
Stamp | Reindeer
Sale price€12,50
Stamp | CrabStamp | Crab
Stamp | Crab
Sale price€9,50
Stamp | Hippo Stamp | Hippo
Stamp | Hippo
Sale price€12,50
Stamp | BlowfishStamp | Blowfish
Stamp | Blowfish
Sale price€6,50
Stamp | Fox bigStamp | Fox big
Stamp | Fox big
Sale price€9,50
Stamp | Seahorse
Stamp | Seahorse
Sale price€10,50
Stamp | Elephant 2 Stamp | Elephant 2
Stamp | Elephant 2
Sale price€12,50
Stamp | Dachshund
Stamp | Dachshund
Sale price€9,50
Stempel Tiere Tierstempel Stempel Blauwal Stempel Wal
Stempel Tiere Tierstempel Stempel Delfin Stempel Muschel Stempel Seestern Stempel Tiere Tierstempel Stempel Delfin Stempel Muschel Stempel Seestern
Stamp | Dolphin
Sale price€12,50
Stamp | Starfish fine
Sale price€4,90
Stamp | Seashell Stripes
Sale price€4,20
Stempel Tiere Holz Stempel Tiere groß

Which animal stamps does Perlenfischer have and what can they be used for?

Our animal stamp selection

The love for animals is also reflected in the number of our stamps. We have around 150 different animal stamps on offer and the selection keeps growing from collection to collection. You can hardly limit the use of our cute earthlings. We use them for all sorts of occasions and designs: such as birthday gifts, festive Christmas cards, on Easter bushes, for lovely wedding invitations or even spooky Halloween decorations. Animal stamps are not only great fun for adults, children can also let off steam creatively with stamping. So let us inspire you!

Stamp animals for birthday, elephant stamp dolphin stamp and co.

Stamp invitations or birthday cards with animal stamps

Stamp a variety of birthday cards with animal motifs. Have the animals hold balloons or place small stamped gifts on their backs. You can also design creative, cute and fun invitations in combination with our invitation stamp and our huge selection of animals. Take a look at our birthday stamps category, where you will find great stamp designs to combine.

Stempel Tiere Stempel Nilpferd Fisch Stempel


stempel tiere stempel blauwal stoff bestempeln stoffstempelfarbe stempel geburtstag

Blue whale

Stempel Tiere Doodlekopf Stempel Einladung

doodle head

stempel tiere stempel geburtstag geschenke selber machen geschenkanhänger stempeln

Crocodile & Dino

Stempel Tiere Oktopus Stempel


Stempel Tiere Stempel Waschbär


Stempel Tiere Stempel Giraffe


Stempel Tiere Stempel Pudel Wal Stempel Elefant

elephant 2

Stempel Tiere Frosch Stempel Delfin


Stempel Tiere Stempel Tukan Vogel Stempel


Stempel Tiere Lama Stempel Koala


Stempel Tiere Grußkarten stempeln

How to use animal stamps to stamp custom greeting cards?

Cards with animal stamps

There are a variety of ways you can showcase our cute animals on a card. Of course, it depends on how big the animal is. Depending on the situation, you can place it as the main subject on the card, for example. We like to give our animals sweet little things, such as gifts and co. on their backs or put a party hat on their heads. On the other hand, we like to stamp our smaller animals several times next to each other, so they just look even cuter.
We usually give the cards the finishing touches by adding a greeting with our text stamps under the little animal.
You can find ideal stationery that can be stamped perfectly at:

Spring animal motifs such as butterfly stamps, bee stamps and ladybugs

Stamp animals in the garden and around spring

You will find quite charming animal motifs on the theme of spring and garden. You can find our entire selection in the category Stamps Spring & Summer.

Stempel Tiere Schmetterling Stempel Raupe Stempel Rotkehlchen

butterfly small

Stempel Tiere Stempel Marienkäfer

Ladybug mini

Stempel Tiere Stempel Ameise Stempel Marienkäfer Stempel Raupe

Caterpillar & Ant

Stempel Tiere Stempel Schnecke


Stempel Tiere Stempel Vögelchen mit Bäckchen Stempel Vögelchen mit Häubchen Vogel Stempel

Bird with Cheeks

Stempel Tiere Frosch Stempel

frog sitting

Stempel Tiere Vogel Stempel Specht


stempelset tiere stempelset weihnachten stempelset krippe

How can I give away stamp animals as gift?

Stamp sets with animals

Your friends are also big animal lovers and have as much fun stamping as you do? Then we have perfectly coordinated stamp sets with our favorite animals for you. It contains everything you need to start stamping right away.

Rabbit Stamps and Co.

Cute animal stamps for Easter

We have a large selection of stamp animals that can be wonderfully stamped for Easter. Stamps from many different rabbits to chicks to hens and roosters. Take a look at our Easter Stamps category, where you will find more motif stamps that can be perfectly combined.

Stempel Tiere Stempel OsterhaseHasen Stempel Häschen


Stempel Tiere Küken Stempel Henne Stempel Huhn

hen 2

Stempel Tiere Hasen Stempel Marienkäfer Stempel Küken Stempel Klopfer


Stempel Tiere Hasen Stempel Hase Schlappohr Stempel Hase Spitzohr

Bunny floppy ears

Stempel Tiere Hasen Stempel Klopfer


Stempel Tiere Hasen Stempel Hase stehend Stempel Henne Stempel Huhn Hühner

rabbit standing

Stempel Tiere Stempel Hahn Stempel Huhn Stempel Henne Stempel Hühner

Rooster & Hen

Stempel Tiere Hasen Stempel Hasenkopf

rabbit head

Stempel Tiere Küken Stempel

chick 2

Stempel Tiere Bienen Stempel Küken Stempelkissen für Tierstempel

Which stamp colors do I use best to stamp animals?

Select an ink pad

In general, one can say that the darker the color of the ink pad, the clearer the subtleties of the motif can be seen. However, with our stamp animals it also depends on what color they may have in nature. For example, we love our Stamp | Bee in the color curry. So feel free to look through our ink pads to find out which shades are suitable for your favorite animal.

Cute children's stamp animals, sloth stamps and many more

Animal stamps for birth, school enrollment and baptism

There are many different cute animals for our little ones. Filter on our children's stamps category page according to the terms birth, christening, school enrollment or children's birthday and let us show you our selection of stamps. Create the most beautiful cards for these special occasions or enjoy a creative afternoon of stamping with your kids.

Stempel Tiere Stempel Koala

Koala bear

Stempel Tiere Stempel Koala

baby koala

stempel tiere stempel blauwal stempel taufe embossing karte zur taufe stempeln

Blue whale (Embossing)

Stempel Tiere Faultier Stempel


Stempel Tiere Stempel Storch Stempel Pinguin


Stempel Tiere Giraffen Stempel


Stempel Geburtstag Stempel Herzlichen Glückwunsch Happy Birthday Geschenke Partyhut Konfetti


stempel tiere stempel kinder stempel einhorn geburtstagskarte stempeln


Stempel Tiere Stempel Pelikan


Stempel Tiere Kinderstempel Tiere

How can children learn or play with animals and how can they be integrated into school or kindergarden?

Children get to know animals

Our animal stamps offer a wonderful opportunity to playfully introduce children to the great variety of animals. They can actively learn about animals within their own creativity and also test their motor and artistic skills while stamping. At the end of the day, they take their own works of art home with them, can hang them up in their room and thus have a creative connection to them. Kindergartens often name the individual groups after animals and for this countless of our stamps are of course also ideally suited: from the ladybug to the fox to the dolphin. Our stamp category kids is also perfect for teacher and school stuff.

Bird Wedding, Frog Stamps and more

Animal stamps for weddings and everything to do with love

Our animal motifs can also be wonderfully staged for all kinds of heartfelt occasions by surrounding them with our pretty hearts or loving words. Feel free to visit our wedding stamps and mother´s day stamps category. There you will find beautiful and lovely stamps that can be perfectly combined with our cute animals.

blue whale

Stempel Tiere Vogel Stempel Kohlmeise Stempel Rotkehlchen


Stempel Tiere Vogel Stempel Specht Stempel Rotkehlchen


Stempel Tiere Frosch Stempel

frog sitting

Stempel Tiere Elefant Stempel


Stempel Tiere Vogel Stempel Tauben Stempel


Unterwasser Stempel Tiere Stempel Stempel Krabbe Stempel Krebs Stempel Oktopus

crab small

Stempel Tiere Stempel Oktopus Unterwasser Tiere



Stempel Tiere Vogel Stempel Wiedehopf Stempel Kohlmeise


Stempel Tiere Vogel Stempel Pelikan



Stamp sea creatures, seahorse stamps, fish stamps and co.

Maritime animal stamps and summery motifs

For all sorts of summery and maritime motifs in the motto summer, sun, sea and beach, feel free to visit Stamps Spring & Summer, filter by special topics and let yourself be inspired.

Meerestiere Stempel Robbe


Meerestiere Stempel Krabbe Stempel Krebs Stempel Muschel Stempel Scampi

Crab & Starfish

Meerestiere Stempel Seehund Stempel Robbe Fisch Stempel Pelikan

Seal & Herring

Meerestiere Stempel Meerjungfrau Stempel Qualle

Jellyfish & Mermaid

stempel tiere stempel scampi stoffstempelfarbe stoff mäppchen bestempeln

Scampi mit Stoffstempelfarbe

Meerestiere Stempel Fisch Stempel Sprotte

Sprat checkered

Meerestiere Stempel Seepferchen Stempel Scampi Krabben Stempel Krebs

Seahorse & Shells

Meerestiere Stempel Kugelfisch Wal Stempel Oktopus

Blue Whale & Puffer Fish

Stempel Tiere Vogel Stempel Flamingo


Stempel Tiere Schildkröte Stempel Pelikan Vogel Stempel

Turtle & Pelican

Meerestiere Stempel Oktopus Stempel Scampi

Scampi & Octopus

Fox stamps, owl stamps, bird stamps, squirrel stamps and many more

Forest animals for the cuddly autumn time

Discover many more beautiful motifs under Stamps Autumn & Forest: from mushrooms and leaves of all kinds to acorns, pine cones and co.

Stempel Waldtiere Stempel Rehkitz Stempel Rotkehlchen


Stempel Waldtiere Stempel Käfer

Little bug

Stempel Waldtiere Stempel Igel

Hedgehog & hedgehog baby

Stempel Waldtiere Stempel Waschbär Stempel Kohlmeise Vogel Stempel Ameise


Stempel Waldtiere Fuchs Stempel Fuchskopf

fox head

Stempel Waldtiere Eulenstempel

brown owl

Stempel Waldtiere Eichhörnchen Stempel Kohlmeise Fuchs Stempel

great tit

Stempel Waldtiere Vogel Stempel Specht Stempel Taube Stempel Vögelchen


Stempel Waldtiere Vogel Stempel Specht Stempel Rotkehlchen Fuchs Stempel


Stempel Waldtiere Igel Stempel

hedgehog head

Stempel Waldtiere Eichhörnchen Stempel

squirrel 3

Stempel Tiere Temporäre Tattoos mit Tieren

Animal stamp motifs as temporary tattoos

Our animal tattoos

You can easily conjure up our animal motifs on your skin, colorful and completely harmless. Here you will find our diverse selection of tattoos.

Jungle animals, zebra stamps, lion stamps and more.

Greenery, jungle and safari animals

Our animal stamps also look great when surrounded by leaves and trees. See our large selection of Greenery designs under Stamps Flowers and Leaves .

Stempel Tiere Dschungel Zebra Stempel Koala Vogel Stempel Tukan

Koala bear

Stempel Tiere Stempel Nilpferd Dschungel Tiere Safari


Stempel Tiere Dschungel Krokodil Stempel Schildkröte Stempel Pelikan


Stempel Tiere Dschungel Löwen Stempel Bär Stempel Koala Stempel Panda

animal heads

Stempel Tiere Dschungel Zebra Stempel Löwen Stempel Bär Stempel Panda


Stempel Tiere Dschungel Giraffen Stempel Löwen Stempel Panda


How to use animal stamps to create personalized gifts and gift tags?

Make DIY gifts and decorations with animal stamps

You have almost countless possibilities to use stamps in other ways than just stamping cards. Simply pick out your friends’ favorite animals and easily embellish or create your individual gifts with them.

Stempel Tiere Rehkitz Stempel Pinguin

Stamp a cute animal on a paper tag of your choice and tie it to your gift with yarn, you are guaranteed to give your gift a personal touch.

Stempel Tiere Eichhörnchen Stempel

Stamp your own calendar with our animal stamps or stick beautiful photos into it and give it away for a birthday or Christmas. Here you can easily download it for free.

stempel tiere geschenkpapier bestempeln geschenkpapier weihnachten stempel tiere weihnachtlich

You can also simply decorate the wrapping paper with our cute stamp animals by stamping them across the paper as you wish and wrapping your present with them.

Stempel Tiere Schaf Stempel Specht Stempel Taube

You can also design high-quality wooden pendants yourself. These can also be stamped perfectly and are an even more sustainable option, as the pendant can also be wonderfully displayed at home.

stempel tiere stoffstempelfarbe stempel pinguin stoffsäckchen bestempeln weihnachtsgeschenk

Stamp a wide variety of fabrics with your favorite Christmas animals. Whether as an individual Advent calendar bag or for festive wrapping of your Christmas presents.

Stempel Tiere Waschbär Stempel

Create your own artistic picture with our stamp animals, there are no limits to your creativity. So you can give away a beautiful unique piece to hang up.

Stempel Tiere Fledermaus Stempel Spinne

Bat Stamp and Spider

Animal stamps for Halloween

Trick or treat! Stamp spooky invitation cards for your Halloween parties or candy bags for your kids. Check out our category for lots of scary cute stamp designs and inspiration:

Sheep stamps, donkey stamps and many other animal motifs

Animal stamps for Christmas in winter time

Christmas cards can also be incredibly festively stamped with animals. Combine them with great winter and Christmas motifs, which you can find under Christmas stamps.

Stempel Tiere Stempel Reh Vogel Stempel Kohlmeise


Stempel Tiere Waschbär Stempel


Stempel Tiere Eichhörnchen Stempel Kohlmeise

squirrel 3

Stempel Tiere Elefant Stempel Pudel Hunde Stempel Taube

elephant 2

Stempel Tiere Stempel Eisbär Stempel Pinguin


Stempel Tiere Fuchs Stempel Oktopus


Stempel Tiere Schaf Stempel Taube

Sheep with dots

Stempel Tiere Esel Stempel


Stempel Tiere Stempel Taube


Stempel Tiere Pinguin Stempel Pinguinbaby


Dachshund stamps and pig stamps as sweet lucky charms

Stamp animals for New Year's Eve

Stamp greeting cards for the new year with our animals. Put different stamps on the animals' backs, such as rockets or New Year's firecrackers. Discover even more motifs in our New Year's Eve stamps category.

Stempel Bauernhoftiere Schweine Stempel Glücksschwein

lucky pig

Stempel Tiere Dackel Stempel Hunde Stempel Doodlekopf


Stempel Tiere Elefant Stempel

elephant 2

Stempel Tiere Schaf Stempel

Sheep with dots

Stempel Tiere Dino Stempel Schweine Stempel


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