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The Great Perlenfischer Interview

"It's wonderful to see what stamping does to people. The enthusiasm of our customers and their creative designs always leave me speechless. Everyone can develop their own language without any previous knowledge."

The idea for Perlenfischer

How everything began

"I had the idea for Perlenfischer in 2008 after the birth of my second son. I wanted to stamp invitations to his birthday party, but I couldn't find a simple, beautiful motif. I quickly started designing stamps myself. Perlenfischer was born."

And why the name Perlenfischer?

"With every stamp that I design, I'm looking for something special, the character of the motif. So I'm fishing for the pearl, as they say."


From the sketch...

"At the beginning I sketch a lot on paper and then work on the most beautiful drafts in a drawing program. I attach great importance to the fact that the design is simple but still has its own character. The drawing is reduced further and further until it is just the soul of the motif that remains. Some illustrations I edit again and again over several years until I am satisfied."

The greatest compliment we can get is "So simple and so beautiful."

over 600 stamp motifs

2 new collections per year

"What's special: Each stamp can always be combined in new ways and used in a variety of ways. Everyone can find their own style and create very individual works."

stamp motifs

What inspires you?

"I get my inspiration for new stamp motifs from everyday things: animals, flowers and leaves naturally have great graphic patterns that I can pick up on. Our wonderful community also inspires me again and again with their great ideas. I usually have an idea in my head for many months, on which I keep tinkering until the stamp moves into store."


What is important to us

"Sustainability is an important topic for us. That's why we've been producing our products in Germany since the beginning. The stamps are made by hand in a German family business and our cone stamps are still glued together by ourselves. Only our ink pads come from America. In terms of quality we don't want to compromise on our stamps and colors."

this is us

I have a great team and without them I would never have gotten this far. The many tasks are divided between our two locations: In Frankfurt, the creative team plans the images, videos, texts and ideas and implements them. Our logistics team is based in Cologne and makes sure that your packages are packed and shipped every day. In addition, we have two stores in Cologne and Frankfurt, which are looking forward to your visit. In total, about 32 great women and 2 equally great men work for Perlenfischer.

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