Perlenfischer Embossingpowder | Glitter
Perlenfischer Embossingpowder | Glitter
Perlenfischer Embossingpowder | Glitter
Perlenfischer Embossingpowder | Glitter
Perlenfischer Embossingpowder | Glitter


Perlenfischer Embossingpowder | Glitter

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Color: Transparent with glitter effect
Content: ca. 20 ml
Material: synthetic resin powder with metallic pigments

1. Sprinkle the powder onto the stamp impression while it is still wet.
2. Tap off excess powder and collect it again with the jar.
3. Heat the powder with a heat gun until the powder is combined.

Caution: a hair dryer will not get hot enough.

The WOW Effect

The lacquer-like and shimmering effect enchants your stamp creations to special unique pieces.


The embossing technique creates a relief like surface that brings out a unique feel.

Dry in no time

After the powder is heated and melted, the motif is completely dry.

Transparent Powder

Transparent embossing powders always make your base color look different.

How To


Here we explain step by step how to use the embossing technique correctly.

Choose pigment ink pad as base

Choose a pigment ink pad as a base and stamp your favorite stamp on paper, as usual.

Good to know: Transparent embossing powders let your base color shine through, but always give it a different finish.

Sprinkle embossing powder onto the motif

Sprinkle embossing powder generously over your stamped motif. Tap off excess powder over a clean, center-folded scrap paper. Then simply pour the powder back into the jar.

Heat with the heat gun

Heat the powder with the heat gun. Keep a distance of approx. 10 cm from your card. After a short time, the powder melts and combines. You will get a lacquer-like result.

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What you need for embossing

For the embossing technique, you'll need a powder of your choice, a pigment ink pad as a base, your favorite stamps, paper and a heat gun.

Papieranhänger mit Stempel Punkte, Embossing Pulver transparent

embellish your stamp works

Special visual and haptic effects

The special thing about the embossing technique: you can not only see the end result, but also feel it. The lacquer-like finish looks great and the raised surface brings a unique feel.

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