Perlenfischer | Storage box
Perlenfischer | Storage box


Perlenfischer | Storage box

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Lid folded: ca. 14 x 19,5 cm
Box folded: ca. 13,5 x 18 cm
Interior folded: ca. 12 x 17 cm
Material: cardboard


53 cone stamps fit in your Perlenfischer stamp sorting box:
Cone stamps size F: 22
Cone stamps size E: 24
Cone stamps size K: 7

Room for 53 cone stamps

22 Cone stamp size F
24 Cone stamp size E
7 Cone stamp size K

Overview & Order

The cones are sorted with the rubber facing up - so all motifs are visible at first sight.

Protects the stamp rubber

The optimal storage protects the stamp rubbers.


Customize your sorting box with your favorite designs.

Stamp storage made easy

Stamp sorting box

Bring order to your stamping space with our stamp sorting box: Store 53 cone stamps in all sizes and keep an eye on your favorite motifs while stamping!

The sorting box holds:
22 cone stamps size F (small)
24 cone stamps size E (medium)
7 cone stamps size K (large)

Stamping on cardboard

design your sorting box

You can individually design the outside of the sorting box with your stamps.

Tip: The box is best stamped unfolded.

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