Stempel Kinder Kinderstempel Stempel Geburt Stempel Kinderwagen
Stempel Kinder Kinderstempel Stempel Geburt Stempel Kinderwagen

Stamps for children - being creative and bringing joy

Cute stamp motifs for the little ones: Stamp beautiful invitations for kids birthday parties, greeting cards for christenings, for the birth or DIYs for school enrollment.


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Stamp | Racing bike
Stamp | Racing bike
Sale price€9,50
Stamp | Cat head
Stamp | Cat head
Sale price€6,50
Stamp | Happy Birthday 5 Stamp | Happy Birthday 5
Stamp | Happy Birthday 5
Sale price€8,50
Save €1,95
Stamp | Bulldog headStamp | Bulldog head
Stamp | Bulldog head
Sale price€4,55 Regular price€6,50
Stamp | Doodle headStamp | Doodle head
Stamp | Doodle head
Sale price€6,50
Save €3,75
Stamp | Rocking horseStamp | Rocking horse
Stamp | Rocking horse
Sale price€8,75 Regular price€12,50
Stamp | Herzlichen Glückwunsch 2Stamp | Herzlichen Glückwunsch 2
Stamp | GlückwünscheStamp | Glückwünsche
Stamp | Glückwünsche
Sale price€9,50
Stamp | Butterfly smallStamp | Butterfly small
Stamp | Butterfly small
Sale price€4,90
Stamp | Auf ins AbenteuerStamp | Auf ins Abenteuer
Stamp | Auf ins Abenteuer
Sale price€8,50
Stamp | Gutschein 2 Stamp | Gutschein 2
Stamp | Gutschein 2
Sale price€6,50
Stamp | Bike trailerStamp | Bike trailer
Stamp | Bike trailer
Sale price€6,50
Stamp | Crown miniStamp | Crown mini
Stamp | Crown mini
Sale price€2,50
Stamp | Star 2 miniStamp | Star 2 mini
Stamp | Star 2 mini
Sale price€2,50
Stamp | ScissorsStamp | Scissors
Stamp | Scissors
Sale price€4,20
Stamp | Ladybug miniStamp | Ladybug mini
Stamp | Ladybug mini
Sale price€2,50
Stamp | Envelope big
Stamp | Envelope big
Sale price€9,50
Stamp | HerringStamp | Herring
Stamp | Herring
Sale price€4,90
Stamp | Rocking horse smallStamp | Rocking horse small
Stamp | Rocking horse small
Sale price€6,50
Stamp | Eine Kleinigkeit für dichStamp | Eine Kleinigkeit für dich
Stamp | DreamcatcherStamp | Dreamcatcher
Stamp | Dreamcatcher
Sale price€9,50
Stamp set | NumbersStamp set | Numbers
Stamp set | Numbers
Sale price€43,90
Save €1,97
Stamp set | Dino familyStamp set | Dino family
Stamp set | Dino family
Sale price€37,53 Regular price€39,50
Stamp | Sweetheart XLStamp | Sweetheart XL
Stamp | Sweetheart XL
Sale price€9,50
Stamp | Cloverleaf
Stamp | Cloverleaf
Sale price€6,50
Stamp | Cloverleaf miniStamp | Cloverleaf mini
Stamp | Cloverleaf mini
Sale price€2,50
Stempel Kinder Kinderstempel Stempel Einschulung Stempel Schultüte Stempel Bonbon Stempel zahlen StempelStempel Kinder Kinderstempel Stempel Einschulung Stempel Schultüte Stempel Bonbon Stempel zahlen Stempel
Stamp | School cone
Sale price€9,50
Stamp set | Numbers
Sale price€43,90
Stamp | Pom pom monster
Sale price€9,50
Stempel Kinder Zahlen Stempel Stempel Schultüte Affen Stempel Meerjungfrauen Stempel EInhorn Stempel

What should you keep in mind when stamping with children?

Perlenfischer Children's Stamp

With our special children's stamp motifs made of wood you can give your little ones great joy. Stamp unique gift packaging for them, pictures for their children's room or individual invitations for children's birthday parties. There are really countless creative ways you can enjoy great stamping experiences with your children. Games, fun and creative learning are guaranteed here!

Nevertheless, please note that our stamps are not toys, but creative supplies. Since some of our stamps are very small and could therefore be swallowed, we only recommend using them for children over the age of 5. It is best to always stamp together with your children, so you can keep an eye on them and enjoy your creative time together.

Stamp school cone, stamp football & stamp star

School enrollment cards

Hurra ein Schulkind

Stempel Kinder Stempel zur EInschulung Schulanfang Stempel Zahlen Stempel Stift Stempel Zahlen Stempel Fußball Stempel Schultüte Stempel Stern

numbers stamp

Dancing ballerina

Hurra & Dots

Stempel Kinder Stempel zur EInschulung Fußball Stempel Schultüte

Football & Hurra

Craft a school cone

Unicorn love

Stempel Kinder Schulstempel Stempel zur Einschulung Schultüte Stempel Stern Stempel Giraffe

On to the adventure

Jungle party

Stempel Kinder Stempel zum Schulanfang Zahlen Stempel Schultüte Stempel Stern

Stars & Pens

Stempel Kinder Schulstempel Fußball Stempel Schultüte Zahlen Stempel

bobble monster

Stempel Kinder zur Einschulung Stempel Schultüte Stempel Luftballon Stempel Stifte

School bag & balloon

Stempel Kinder Schultüte selber bestempeln Schultüte selbst basteln Einschulung Stempel

How can I craft and stamp a school cone?

DIY school bag

1. To begin with, stamp a large piece of paper with a motif of your choice (the paper should be a little thicker for more stability and allow it to dry long enough after stamping).
2. Then roll it up so that there is a point at the bottom and an opening at the top.
3. Apply liquid glue to one outer open edge of the paper and now glue this side in place.
4. Finally, you can attach finer crepe paper or tissue paper to the top edge and tie it with twine.
Have fun recreating!

Car stamp, unicorn stamp & pennant chain

Unique stamping projects for kids back to school


Tattoos for school

Stempel Kinder Stempel zur Einschulung Mäppchen bestempempeln Schulmäppchen Stoffstempelfarbe

school pencil case

School cone with pendant

Stempel Kinder Heft zur Einschulung bestempeln Stempel Regenbogen Stempel Namensetikett Stempel Bonbon Stempel Schultüte

Tags & Labels with names

stempel kinder stempel einschulung stempelset einschulung stempelset schulanfang

Give away colored pencils

Stempel Kinder Schulstempel Stempel für Lehrer Smiley Stempel Emoji Stempel Stempel Gesicht

school stamps

Smiley stamps for teachers

Our cute smiley is great for teachers who want to leave their students a little "Well done" on their classwork. On the card you can see how great the smiley comes into its own with our stamp | Dot 19mm.

Stempel Kinder Stempel zur Taufe Stempel Blumen Stempel Herz

Stamp for baptism

Happy baptism greetings

Stamp magical christening cards for the little miracles. We have classic fish stamps or this loving greeting stamp | Zur Taufe. There are no limits to your creativity!

For more warm and loving stamp motifs, also for motifs related to the church, please have a look in the following category:

Unicorn Stamps, Dino Stamps & Mermaid Stamps

Fantastic mythical creatures for children

Stempel Kinder Einhorn Stempel Regenbogen Stempel Sterne

unicorn love

By the way, our unicorn stamp is also available in a stamp set, so the little ones can start stamping right away.

Stempel Kinder Stempel Meerjungfrau Stempel Fabelwesen Stempel Unterwasser

Little Mermaid

Our mermaid can hold the cutest things over her head. Check out our enchanting mermaid set to get started.

Stempel Kinder Dino Stempel Einhorn Stempel Pegasus Pferd Stempel Drache

Pegasus & Dragon

These two motifs can be easily transformed: just put the wings of the dove or the bat on their backs.

Stamp Balloon, Stamp Gift & Stamp Candle

Stamping birthday cards & DIYs for children's birthdays

Prepare your kids for their birthday with their favorite animals and great party themes an unforgettable day. Stamp them unique birthday cards, combined with colorful masking tapes, and sparkling glitter glue, make them wonderfully colorful birthday decorations or even small candy bags for the friends of your children. We have a huge selection of designs in our Birthday Stamp category. There you will surely discover a few favorite stamps.

Stempel Kinder Stempel zum Kindergeburtstag Stempel Luftballon Delfin Stempel Partyhut

Balloon & Hooray

Stempel Kinder Stempel zum Kindergeburtstag Hunde Stempel Happy Birthday Stempel Doodlekopf Stempel Bulldogge Stempel Herzlichen Glückwunsch

Bulldog & Doodle Head

Stempel Kinder Stempel zum Kindergeburtstag Stempel Happy Birthday Stempel Kerzen Stempel Geburtstagstorte mit Masking Tapes

Candles & Masking Tapes

Stempel Kinder Stempel zum Kindergeburtstag Stempel Ein kleines Geschenk Stempel Knfetti Stempel Seehund Stempel Fisch Stempel Luftballon

Balloon small & A small gift

Stempel Kinder Stempel zum Kindergeburtstag Dino Stempel Happy Birthday Stempel Herzlichen Glückwunsch Dino Stempel Geschenk

Package small & Happy Birthday 3

Stempel Kinder Stempel zum Kindergeburtstag Stempel Herzlichen Glückwunsch Stempel Luftballon Konfetti Stempel Geschenk mit Schleife

Congratulations & Dot 3mm

Stempel Kinder Stempel zum Kindergeburtstag Geschenke basteln Stempel Eine Kleinigkeit für dich Stempel Geschenk Dino Stempel

Party hat & a little something for you

Stempel Kinder Stempel zum Kindergeburtstag Stempel Happy Birthday Stempel Nilpferd Stempel Geschenk Stempel Konfetti Punkte

Gift with bow & Happy Birhtday 6th

Stempel Kinder Stempel zum Kindergeburtstag Stempel Happy Birthday Zahlen Stempel Giraffe

Numbers & glitter glue

Stempel Kinder Stempel zum Kindergeburtstag Stempel Muffin Stempel Happy Birthday Stempel Luftballon Stempel Geschenke Stempel Konfetti Punkte

Muffin & Gift mini

Stempel Kinder Stempel zum Kindergeburtstag Stempel Happy Birthday Stempel Einhorn Stempel Wimpelkette Stempel Herz

Bunting & Happy Birthday 5

Stempel Kinder Stempel zum Kindergeburtstag Stempel Happy Birthday Stempel Stern Dino Stempel Zahlen Stempel

Stars & Happy Birthday 4

Stempel Kinder Stempel zum Kindergeburtstag Zahlen Stempel Lets Celebrate Süßigkeiten Tüte bestempeln

Lets celebrate & number set

stempel kinder stempel kindergeburtstag geschenkanhänger bestempeln

Turtle & pennant

Stempel Kinder Stempel Einladung zum Kindergeburtstag Stempel Partyhut Hunde Stempel

stamp invitation

Children's birthday invitations

Design unique birthday invitations together with your children. During the stamping, the anticipation of this special day is even greater.

Stamping Easter eggs with children

Spending Easter with the little ones

When the Easter Bunny comes by, children are always very excited. Celebrate Easter with them by painting and stamping Easter eggs together. You can also make cute Easter baskets for them. You can find even more inspiration on our category Easter Stamps.

Stempel Kinder Ostereier stempeln Osternest basteln Stempel Osterei Stempel Hahn

Easter nest with chicken

Stempel Kinder Ostereier stempeln Ostereier einfärben und mit Temporären Tattoos bekleben zu Ostern

Tattoos on Easter eggs

Stempel Kinder Ostereier stempeln Osterstrauch dekorieren Papieranhänger bestempeln Stempel Huhn

Paper tags on an Easter bush

Stempel Kinder Ostereier stempeln Stempel Frohe Ostern Stempel Hase Stempel Küken Stempel Biene

Easter bunny on wood

Stempelkissen Kinder Bunte Farben zum Stempeln sichere Stempelfarben

Stamp pad children

Colorful pigment ink pads

Use: We recommend the use of the large stamp pad for children, as this is a little easier to handle due to its heavier weight. Otherwise, you can easily explain to your child that they like to hold something on the stamp pad mini when applying paint.

Safety: Our pigment ink pads are water-based, i.e. absolutely acid-free and therefore harmless to health. Nevertheless, to protect your children, we only recommend using our pigment colors from the age of 12.

Birth stamp

DIY's and stamping cards around baby & birth

You can use our baby stamps to stamp beautiful and heartfelt birth cards and make great DIY gifts. So you can easily give the parents a little treat to welcome the new miracle into the world.

Bat Stamp, Ghost Stamp, Spider Stamp & Pumpkin Stamp

Creepy cute Halloween for the kids

Halloween is a lot of fun for children: dress up, carve pumpkins, eat sweets and visit the neighboring houses with friends. With our stamps you can create beautiful invitation cards for Halloween or make spooky decorations for your home. For many more motifs, please visit our Halloween Stamps category.

Stempel Kinder Stempel zu Halloween Stempel Gespenst Stempel Fledermaus

ghost big

Thread small letters onto yarn and tie them through pre-punched holes in card.

Stempel Kinder Stempel zu Hallowen Einladungskarte Stempel Spinne Stempel Gespenst Stempel Fledermaus Stempel Spinnennetz


Our bat just looks cute on cards.

Stempel Kinder Stempel zu Hallowen Vampir Tüte basteln und bestempeln Stempel Gespenst Stempel Fledermaus

vampire face

Conjure up a creepy vampire face on paper with our triangle and pennant stamps.

Stempel Kinder Stempel zu Hallowen Stempel Schlossgespenst Stempel Kürbis Stempel Gabel Stempel Fledermaus Stempel Spinnennetz

castle ghost

Stamp the Dot 10mm and add a chain and you have a real castle ghost.

Stempel Kinder Stempel zu Hallowen Kürbis Tüte Süßigkeiten Tüte zu Halloween basteln und bestempeln Fledermaus Stempel Gespenst

pumpkin bag

Cut our brown bags to size & stamp a pumpkin face with the pennant stamps.

Stempel Kinder Stempel zu Hallowen Süßigkeiten Tüte basteln und bestempeln Fledermaus Stempel Gespenst Stempel Spinne Stempel Spinnennetz

Spider & Cobweb

Stamp the two motifs as a pattern all over the paper.

Stempel Kinder Stempel zu Hallowen Süßigkeiten Tüte basteln und bestempeln Kürbis Stempel Spinne Stempel Fledermaus Stempel Spinnennetz Stempel Zauberhut

candy bag

Clip small stamped paper tags to your bags.

Stempel Kinder Stempel zu Hallowen Süßigkeiten Tüte basteln und bestempeln Gespenster Stempel Fledermaus Stempel Spinne Stempel Spinnenetz

ghost funny

We love our sugar-sweet stamp | ghost funny.

Stempel Kinder Stempel zu Hallowen Einladung stempeln Einladungskarte zu Halloween stempeln Stempel Gespenst Stempel Kürbis Stempel Fledermaus Stempel Spinne Stempel Zauberhut Stempel Spinnenetz

Halloween pumpkin

Put the magician's hat on the pumpkin or stamp it with the grimace stamp.

Tattoos for children

Temporary tattoos - Fun for every child

Our temporary tattoos are suitable for all kinds of occasions: children's birthday parties, Halloween, carnival, for weddings and flower girls or as a great highlight at school parties. To explore all the stamp designs you can put on your skin, feel free to check out our category Temporary Tattoos .

Are temporary tattoos safe for my children's skin?
Our tattoos are made according to the guidelines of the EU Cosmetics Regulation. So you can apply our beautiful tattoos to your children without hesitation and enjoy the great colors and variety of motifs on your skin to the fullest!

Stempel Kinder Temporäre Tattos für Kinder Meerjungfrauen Tattoos Seepferdchen Geburtstagskerze Muschel Seestern Tattoo Fische Zahlen Tattoos

For the children's birthday

Stempel Kinder Temporäre Tattoos mit Kindermotiven Delfin Tattoo Schnecken Tattoos Blümchen Tattoos Seestern Tattoos Regenbogen Tattoo

At the school festival

Stempel Kinder Temporäre Kinder Tattoos Blumen Tattoo Schmetterling Tattoo mit Tieren

as a flower girl

Stempel Kinder Temporäre Tattoos für Kinder mit Stempelmotiven Tattoos mit Tieren Meerjungfrauen Tattoo Zebra Tattoo Seepferdchen Astronauten Tattoos

For carnival

Stempel Kinder Temporäre Tattoos für Kinder Tattoos zu Halloween Kerzen bekleben Gespenst Tattoo Spinnen Tattoos Spinnennetz Tatoo Fledermaus Tattoo Sterne

For Halloween

Stempel Kinder Bunte Temporäre Tattoos für Kinder Fledermaus Tattoo Anker Tattoo Blume Tattoo Stern Tattoo Regenbogen Tattoo Seepferchen Tattoo Eis

Just animal cute

For school enrollment

Stempel Kinder Zahlen Stempelset für Kinder Zahlen Stempel Schulstempel Stempel zur Einschulung Stempel Schultüte

numbers stamps

Numbers stamp set for kids

Our number set is not only wonderful for upgrading children's birthday cards with the age of your child every year or for stamping your child's self-made advent calendar. It is also ideal for your children's development to learn numbers through play and fun.

Stamp animals for kids

Get to know animal motifs in a playful way

Children are curious and love animals from an early age. With our animal stamps, you can integrate this into a stamping afternoon in a wonderfully playful way. In this way, your children get to know the great variety of animals with ease and under artistic influence. In our animal stamps category, your child's favorite animal is sure to be included!

Stempel Kinder zu Weihnachten Stempel Eisbär Baby Stempel Pinguin Stempel Geschenk Stempel Tannenbaum

Winter animals

Stamps | Christmas
Stempel Kinder Stempel Tiere Blumen Stempel Schmetterling Vogel Stempel Raupe

animals in the garden

Stamps Spring & Summer
Stempel Kinder Safari Tiere Stempel Zebra Stempel Koala Stempel Koala Baby

Safari & Jungle Animals

Stamp | Zebra
Stempel Kinder Stempel Tiere Stempel Wal Stempel Kugelfisch Stempel Oktopus Unterwasser Tierstempel

underwater animals

stamp | blue whale

Stamping with children at Christmas, stamp pictures & Co

Christmas stamping projects for kids

What is Christmas without children? You can use our Christmas stamps to make your own great Christmas calendars for your little ones, make individual Christmas tree decorations or stamp uniquely cute Christmas cards with them. For even more creative inspiration, take a look at our category Christmas stamps .

Stempel Kinder zu Weihnachten Holzanhänger bestempeln Stempel Schaf Stempel Geschenk Stempel Luftballon Stempel Weihnachtsbaum Stempel Partyhut Stempel Nikolaussocke

tree ornaments

wooden pendants
Stempel Kinder Weihnachtsstempel Ideen Weihnachtskugel mit Glitzerkleber verzieren

Christmas baubles

glitter glue
Stempel Kinder zu Weihnachten Adventskalender basteln und bestempeln Stempel Weihnachtsbaum Stempel Stern Stempel Baby Pinguin Zahlen Stempel

advent Calendar

boxes & bags
Stempel Kinder Stempel Bilder Stempel Waschbär Bilder für Kinderzimmer stempeln

Picture for the children's room

stamp | racoon
Stempel Kinder zum Weihnachtskarten stempeln Auto Stempel Bärenbaby Stempel Pinguin Baby Stempel Tannenbaum Stempel Schlitten Stempel Geschenke

christmas cards

blanco cards
Stempel Kinder zu Weihnachten Jahreskalender bestempeln Dino Stempel Schlitten Stempel Geschenke

annual calendar

Free print template
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