Textstempel zu verschiedenen Anlässen Stempel Gutschein Stempel Alles Liebe Stempel Einladung
Textstempel zu verschiedenen Anlässen Stempel Gutschein Stempel Alles Liebe Stempel Einladung

Text stamps for special occasions

The perfect saying for every occasion! Combine heartfelt lettering with unique motifs to bring joy to your loved ones.


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Stamp | Frohe Ostern 2 Stamp | Frohe Ostern 2
Stamp | Frohe Ostern 2
Sale price€6,50
Stamp | Frohe WeihnachtenStamp | Frohe Weihnachten
Stamp | Frohe Weihnachten
Sale price€8,50
Stamp | Happy Birthday 6Stamp | Happy Birthday 6
Stamp | Happy Birthday 6
Sale price€12,50
Stamp | Happy New Year
Stamp | Happy New Year
Sale price€8,50
Save €2,55
Stamp | Just Married Lettering Stamp | Just Married Lettering
Stamp | Just Married Lettering
Sale price€5,95 Regular price€8,50
Stamp | Typo Happy Birthday 3
Stamp | Herzlichen Glückwunsch 2Stamp | Herzlichen Glückwunsch 2
Save €1,95
Stamp | Just Married Lettering B
Stamp | Just Married Lettering B
Sale price€4,55 Regular price€6,50
Stamp | Einladung 2 Stamp | Einladung 2
Stamp | Einladung 2
Sale price€6,50
Stamp | Fröhliche Weihnachten 2
Stamp | Zur TaufeStamp | Zur Taufe
Stamp | Zur Taufe
Sale price€9,50
Stamp | Merry Christmas 4
Stamp | Merry Christmas 4
Sale price€10,50
Stamp | Hurra Stamp | Hurra
Stamp | Hurra
Sale price€7,50
Stamp | Mit Liebe gemacht
Stamp | Mit Liebe gemacht
Sale price€6,50
Stamp | Surprise Stamp | Surprise
Stamp | Surprise
Sale price€6,50
Stamp | Make A Wish Stamp | Make A Wish
Stamp | Make A Wish
Sale price€6,50
Stamp | Happy DayStamp | Happy Day
Stamp | Happy Day
Sale price€6,50
Save €1,95
Stamp | Joyeux Noël
Stamp | Joyeux Noël
Sale price€4,55 Regular price€6,50
Save €2,55
Stamp | Happy ChristmasStamp | Happy Christmas
Stamp | Happy Christmas
Sale price€5,95 Regular price€8,50
Stamp | Hooray Stamp | Hooray
Stamp | Hooray
Sale price€6,50
Stamp | Happy Birthday 5 Stamp | Happy Birthday 5
Stamp | Happy Birthday 5
Sale price€8,50
Stamp | Danke 2
Stamp | Danke 2
Sale price€7,50
Stamp | Happy HolidaysStamp | Happy Holidays
Stamp | Happy Holidays
Sale price€12,50
Stamp | Thank You 2Stamp | Thank You 2
Stamp | Thank You 2
Sale price€6,50
Stamp | Herzliches MitgefühlStamp | Herzliches Mitgefühl
Save €1,45
Stamp | Catch the StarsStamp | Catch the Stars
Stamp | Catch the Stars
Sale price€6,50 Regular price€7,95
Stamp | Aus meiner KücheStamp | Aus meiner Küche
Stamp | Aus meiner Küche
Sale price€6,50
Stamp | Aus meinem GartenStamp | Aus meinem Garten
Stamp | Aus meinem Garten
Sale price€6,50
Textstempel Stempel Herzlichen Glückwunsch Stempel Thank you Schriftzüge Stempel
Textstempel Stempel Herzlichen Glückwunsch Stempel Thank you Schriftzüge Stempel

Birthday text stamps

stamp congratulations

We have lots of beautiful lettering stamps to create your own birthday cards and gifts. Check out our birthday stamps .There you will find many more motif stamps to combine.

Textstempel Stempel Bisou und Stempelkissen und Stempelfarben

Which stamp color is best for lettering stamps?

Perfect colors for lettering stamps

We prefer to use dark and strong colors, as this makes the individual letters easier to read and the font comes into its own. The tones of black, brown and night sky, for example, are wonderfully suitable, as these tones are dark and can also be combined very well with other colors.

How do I stage voucher stamps perfectly?

Personalize vouchers

Vouchers are always great individual gifts. Stamps eg. a voucher card or tie a small homemade paper tag to your already purchased voucher. It's quick and easy with our voucher stamps, so you're guaranteed to make your loved ones happy!

Textstempel nachhaltige Stempel Gutschein Einladung Stempel Alles Liebe Stempel Glückwünsche

Production and materials from Germany

Sustainable & fair

We produce all our stamps in German manufactories and source our wood exclusively from local forests.

How do I stamp my own invitations?

Unique Invitations

Easily stamp your own invitation cards for a wide variety of occasions, such as your birthday, Christmas, your wedding, just going for a coffee or going to a restaurant. We have several text stamps to choose from, which you can combine wonderfully with motif stamps of your choice.

Textstempel trust yourself stempel

Where do I place the lettering on a card?

Structure of a greeting card

We make sure that we stamp the typo in the lower third of a card, as this allows the main motif to find space above the lettering. Try to place the text stamp as straight as possible and keep the same distance to the left and right edges of the card. In addition, the arrangement becomes even more symmetrical if the distances between the main motif, typo and the lower edge of the card are identical. Therefore, please take a look at various inspirational cards from us, there you will recognize this type of placement. Just try it out, it's easier than it sounds! Trust your eye.

Sweet sayings about birth

For our little miracles

From greeting cards for the birth, to gifts for the baby, to birth gifts for the new parents. We have a lot of great motif stamps for everything to do with birth, look for even more kids stamps under children's stamps and for cute matching animal motifs under stamp animals .

Textstempel zur Hochzeit Stempel save the date stempel wir heiraten stempel just married stempel mr and mrs

Save the date stamps and many more

Love is in the air

Stamp your own wedding invitations, greeting cards or wedding gifts. Check out our category for even more inspiration:

Written stamp for Easter

Stamp Easter greetings

For Easter greetings we have thematically appropriate typos. You can use them to create unique Easter cards or cute pendants for the Easter tree. You can find more inspiration and beautiful handicraft instructions in the Easter stamp category.

Textstempel auf Geschenkanhänger Stempel Happy Birthday Stempel Make a wish Stempel thank you stempel surprise

How do I decorate gifts with text stamps?

gift tag

You can stamp all kinds of paper tags with different sayings and loving messages and tie them to your gifts. So every present becomes even more personal.

Stamping warm and loving greetings

Everything your heart desires!

With our textstamps Lieblingsmensch, Nice that you exist, Bisou, Big Hug, Love or our stamp All the best you can convey wonderful personal greetings to your favorite people. In our categories Stamps Mother´s day, Stamps Flowers & Leaves , Spring & Summer Stamps or Stamps for Weddings, there are great motif stamps that can be perfectly combined to stamp a bouquet of flowers or heart-shaped balloons for your loved ones, for example.

Textstempel Gutschein stempel ein kleines dankeschön Papeterie zum bestempeln

Which stationery is suitable for text stamps?

Cards & Envelopes

Of course, you need the right stationery so that your greetings can be perfectly staged. Here you can see high-quality cards in a wide variety of colors that are perfect for stamping.

Stamp Merry Christmas

Festive messages for Christmas

For this festive occasion, we have unique typos to design your loved one a personal card, stamp beautiful gift tags or make Christmas decorations. For more inspiration and a variety of Christmas motif stamps, take a look at our Christmas Stamps category.

Textstempel zu Silvester Stempel Happy New Year Stempel Frohes Neues Jahr Stempel Make a wish

Proverbs Stamps for New Year's Eve and New Year

Happy New Year!

Wish your loved ones a happy, healthy and happy new year! We have great text stamps for the New Year, feel free to browse through our New Year's Eve category.

Thank you stamp

Just say thank you

Would you like to say thank you to the loved ones in your life? Stamp loving thank you cards with our text stamps, such as Merci and Thank you, and simply send a heartfelt and personal thank you.

Textstempel aus meiner Küche stempel für selbstgemachtes

kitchen stamp

Cooked with love

Embellish your own jam by simply stamping a small paper tag and tying it to your gift, so everything about your present is truly homemade.

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