Sponge cloth
Sponge cloth
Sponge cloth


Sponge cloth

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Dimensions: ca. 17 x 20 cm
Material: 70% cellulose, 30% cotton

1. Slightly moisten the sponge cloth and place it on a plate.
2. Stamp out the stamp on the cloth every time you change the color and after use.
3. After use, wash out the sponge cloth over the sink.

Gentle cleaning

You can easily clean your stamps with our damp sponge cloth.


You can wash your sponge cloth at 60°.


Screen printed with water-based and eco-friendly ink.


100% compostable material:
70% cellulose from FSC-certified forests and 30% cotton. Decomposes after 8-12 weeks.

That's how it's done

Clean stamp & change color

You can easily clean your stamp and change the color with a damp sponge cloth.

1. Press the stamp out on a damp sponge cloth until there are no more ink residues.
2. Test on a piece of scratch paper whether the stamp is really clean before continuing to stamp.

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