Stempel Hochzeit Stempel Wir heiraten Stempel herzen Stempel Blumen und Blätter Blütenstempel Hochzeitseinladungen stempeln Hochzeitskarten stempeln
Stempel Hochzeit Stempel Wir heiraten Stempel herzen Stempel Blumen und Blätter Blütenstempel Hochzeitseinladungen stempeln Hochzeitskarten stempeln

Stamps for weddings and other loving occasions

Love is in the air! Click here for our wedding stamps and ideas for your cards, gift tags and save the dates.


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Stamp | Leaf outline smallStamp | Leaf outline small
Stamp | Leaf outline small
Sale price€3,53
Stamp | Leaf outline miniStamp | Leaf outline mini
Stamp | Leaf outline mini
Sale price€2,10
Stamp | Bird man
Stamp | Bird man
Sale price€6,30
Stamp | Spring branchStamp | Spring branch
Stamp | Spring branch
Sale price€4,12
Stamp | VespaStamp | Vespa
Stamp | Vespa
Sale price€7,98
Stamp | Wreath of berriesStamp | Wreath of berries
Stamp | Wreath of berries
Sale price€12,18
Stamp | BouquetStamp | Bouquet
Stamp | Bouquet
Sale price€5,46
Stamp | Fan smallStamp | Fan small
Stamp | Fan small
Sale price€3,53
Stamp | Fan miniStamp | Fan mini
Stamp | Fan mini
Sale price€2,10
Stamp | Poppy seed capsuleStamp | Poppy seed capsule
Stamp | Poppy seed capsule
Sale price€2,10
Stamp | Feather leaf miniStamp | Feather leaf mini
Stamp | Feather leaf mini
Sale price€2,10
Stamp | Bud branchStamp | Bud branch
Stamp | Bud branch
Sale price€3,53
Save €1,80
Stamp | Heart geometry
Stamp | Heart geometry
Sale price€1,73 Regular price€3,53
Stamp | Quaking grass Stamp | Quaking grass
Stamp | Quaking grass
Sale price€6,30
Sold out
Stamp | Cross stitch heart
Stamp | Cross stitch heart
Sale price€2,88 Regular price€4,12
Stempel Hochzeit Stempel Herz Stempel Blumen Stempel Blüte Hochzeitsglückwünsche stempelnStempel Hochzeit Stempel Herz Stempel Blumen Stempel Blüte Hochzeitsglückwünsche stempeln
Stamp | Von Herzen Classic
Sale price€5,46
Stamp | Flower umbel
Sale price€4,12
stempel hochzeit hochzeitskarten selber stempeln stempel herz stempel liebe stempel blumen

What do I need to stamp wedding cards?

3 steps for you

1. Select your favorite stamps
You will find a large selection of text stamps suitable for the wedding, which you can combine perfectly with other motifs.
2. Select ink colors
Try to combine a darker tone with two lighter colors, feel free to browse under ink pads .
3. Select stationery
We have beautiful stationery sets with cards and envelopes, you can find them under blanco cards .

How to stamp cute animal wedding cards?

"Bird Wedding"

We love our animal stamps. Here you can see many inspirations how sweet and romantic you can stage them!

Stempel Hochzeit Mr and Mrs Herz Blätterkranz Vögel
Stempel Hochzeit Better together Herz
Stempel Hochzeit Frosch Mr and Mrs
stempelset hochzeit für hochzeitskarten stempelsets zum verschenken stempel von herzen stempel herz

wedding stampsets

Perfectly assembled sets

Our sets contain everything you need for stamping: Individually selected stamps, perfectly combinable ink pads and high-quality stationery. We also have heartfelt stamp sets for weddings, both as gifts and for unique invitations.

How do I design my own boho style spring wedding?

Boho wedding

With our flowers & leaves stamps you can create wonderful works of art in boho style. Whether wreaths, bouquets or hearts made of flowers. Let your creativity run free.

Stempel Hochzeit Mr and Mrs Stempelkissen gold SweetheartStempel Hochzeit Mr and Mrs Stempelkissen gold Sweetheart

summer wedding

noble "gold leaf"

We love our ink pads in metallic colors. So every card looks stylish, classic and incredibly high quality.

How do I stamp classic floral wreaths for the wedding?

love for dried flowers

Conjure up your own wreaths on paper with our flower and leaf stamps . Let your creativity run wild! Here you can see some inspiration.

Stempel Hochzeit Stempel wir heiraten Hochzeitskarten Herzen
Stempel Hochzeit Karten zur Hochzeit selber gestalten Umschlag bestempeln stempel blumen
hochzeitsstempel hochzeitskarte stempeln stempel blumen kranz stempeln
stempel zur hochzeit blumen zur hochzeit stempeln muster karte stempeln
Stempel Hochzeit Mr and Mrs Blätterkranz Schleife Blume
Stempel Hochzeit Mr and Mrs Herz Blumen und Blätter
Stempel Hochzeit Mr and Mrs Herz outline Vogelhochzeit

How do I stamp beautiful round wreaths?

3 tips for you

1. Put a round paper tag on the card and draw around it very finely with a pencil.
2. Stamp along the drawn line with motifs of your choice and fill in the gaps more and more.
3. Wait until the ink is dry and now carefully erase any small remnants of the pencil line.

stamps for weddings

Schlicht & Schön

You can easily make this elegant wedding invitation with wedding rings using the Stamp | Dot XL outlin and our small Stamp | Sweetheart mini. Also use the unique shiny embossing technique. Your invitation card is ready.

How do I design heartfelt wedding cards?

All about love

It is best to include stamp motifs that you associate with cordiality. For example, stamp with hearts or heartfelt sayings, put flower stamps in a heart shape or put a bouquet of flowers on paper.

How do I stamp warm wedding greetings?

The perfect words

Here you can see a few of our text stamps suitable for weddings and other loving occasions. Below you will find all our selections to send warm messages to your loved ones.

How can I decorate my wedding individually?

DIY ideas for wedding decorations and party favors

There are many different ways on how to express your style at a wedding. The most important thing is that you stay true to your taste. Our motifs have a very classic style and can therefore be combined wonderfully.

Decorate a flower vase

Stempel Hochzeit Für dich Gastgeschenk

Pretty up favors

Stempel Hochzeit Dekoration Kerzen Temporäre Tattoos

Glue candles yourself

Stempel Hochzeit Dekoration Stoffserviette bestempeln Stoffstempelfarbe Papieranhänger

Design individual napkins

Stempel Hochzeit Tischkärtchen Tischkarten bestempeln

Label place cards

Stempel Hochzeit Temporäre Tattoos Herzen Liebesbreif PfeilStempel Hochzeit Temporäre Tattoos Herzen Liebesbreif Pfeil

Wedding tattoos

An eye-catcher for every wedding

We have a large selection of different tattoos that you can pass out at your wedding. It's not just the kids who enjoy it. A guaranteed eye-catcher at every summer wedding.

stempel hochzeit holzstempel zur hochzeit fair produzierte stempel aus deutschland

Are our stamps produced sustainably & fairly?

Perlenfischer Products

The production of all our stamps takes place exclusively in cooperation with manufacturers based in Germany, because we as a company want to vouch for and guarantee that our stamps are produced under ethically acceptable conditions and therefore fairly. In addition, our stamps should be as sustainable as possible, which is why we source 100% of the wood for our stamps from local forests.

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